Pastel Petit

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Pastel Petit
Pastel Petit in Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Occupation Alien Spy
Latest appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode 21: Father, Ichiro is Alive!
Played by Mika Doi

Pastel Petit (パステル・プチ,   Pasuteru Puchi) is an alien antagonist under the command of Emperor Dongolas created by Tsuchida Productions that appears in the 1982 animated television series, Warrior of Love Rainbowman.


Warrior of Love Rainbowman

Father, Ichiro is Alive!

After enticing Takeshi Yamato and his friends to take her in, with them believing she had turned away from her evil past, Yoko Omiya brought her some tea. Her father Dr. Omiya then came to speak to Petit, who pulled a gun on him, but Yamato bursts in and kicks it from her hand. She then drops a smoke bomb, and escaped through a window, and crossed the street into a forest. Unbeknownst to her, two children had followed her. While in the forest, she saw Rainbow Seven fly into the sky to redirect a missile launched by Mr. K. She attempted to inform him of the incoming interference, but was scoffed away, prompting her to throw down her wrist communicator in disgust. She then watched the explosion that resulted from Rainbow Seven destroying the weapon before Mr. K sent down the Psycho Devil Mecha. Pastel Petit then noticed the children that had followed her, and got them to safety after Psycho Devil Mecha began to use its sonic attack. After capturing Rainbowman, Psycho Devil Mecha began to electrocute him, prompting Petit to attack his exposed back, which caused her to receive the full blast of his sonic weapon. Rainbowman defeated the Psycho Devil Mecha before reverting to human form and she used her dying breaths to inform him that his father was alive. As the sun rose, Yamato carried her body to a cliff top.



Warrior of Love Rainbowman


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