Project Nemesis

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Project Nemesis
Project Nemesis (Novel)
Author(s) Jeremy Robinson
Publisher Breakneck Media
Publish date November 15, 2012
Genre Science Fiction, Thriller
ISBN 9780984042395

Project Nemesis is an American science fiction kaiju novel written by Jeremy Robinson, and is the first book in the Nemesis Saga. It was first published on November 15, 2012.


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  • Corporal Katsu Endo
  • Master Sergeant Lenny Wilson (Death)
  • General Lance Gordon
  • Maigo Tilly (Death)
  • Alexander Tilly (Death)
  • Jon Hudson
  • Ted Watson
  • Anne Cooper
  • Dr. Kendra Elliot (Death)
  • Sheriff Ashley Collins
  • Mr. Johnson (Death)
  • Stephens
  • Rich "Woodstock" Woodall
  • Jenny Hester (Death)
  • Nick (Death)
  • Trevor Reed (Death)
  • Joy
  • Deb
  • Rod Cugliari (Death)
  • Jenny (Death)
  • Paul Stanton
  • Shane Brown (Death)
  • Lori Brooks (Death)
  • Detective Zandri
  • Mitch (Death)
  • Special Agent Kevin Jones (Death)
  • Darrin Donovan (Death)


  • Universe 204,091.0008932
    • Earth
      • United States
        • Alaska
        • Massachusetts
          • Boston
          • Beverly
          • Salem
        • Maine
          • Willowdale
          • Ashton
          • Portland
      • Atlantic Ocean


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