Masahiko Katto

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Masahiko Katto
Masahiko Katto
Occupation Director, special effects director
First work Dutch Harbor Bomb
Notable work Continuation: Atragon (1983)

Masahiko Katto (甲藤 雅彦,   Kattō Masahiko) is an independent Japanese film director. Founder of the studio Katto Productions, he has directed a handful of tokusatsu films which spoof or reference other works. They include Giant Monster Zeran, patterned on Rodan; Matango 2, a trailer-style short based on Matango; Continuation: Atragon, which depicts the return of the Mu Empire from Atragon; Rebirth of Daimajin, in which Daimajin appears in modern-day Japan; and Rabbitman vs. Godzilla, a trailer-style short parodying the fan film Wolfman vs. Godzilla.

Selected filmography

  • Matango 2 (197?) - Director [short][1]
  • Giant Monster Zeran (1978) - Director
  • Continuation: Atragon (1983) - Director
  • Rebirth of Daimajin (1988) - Director
  • Rabbitman vs. Godzilla (198?) - Director [short][2][a]
  • Space Girl Mew (1995) - Director of special effects[3]



Giant Monster Zeran

Continuation: Atragon

Rebirth of Daimajin

Rabbitman vs. Godzilla

Space Girl Mew


Rabbitman vs. Godzilla footage
Clips of Katto's works
in the Kaiju Gaiden trailer


  1. The short, which takes the form of a trailer, credits its director onscreen as "Shikishima Pancho" (シキシマパンチョ), likely a psuedonym or in-joke.


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