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Reptilicus in Reptilicus
Alternate names Reptisaurus the Terrible (Comics Only),
Scarysaurus the Scary (Comics Only)
Species Prehistoric Serpent-like Creature
Length 90 feet
Enemies Danish armed forces
Created by Sidney W. Pink
Portrayed by Puppet
First appearance Reptilicus

Reptilicus is a winged serpent kaiju that first appeared in the 1961 kaiju film, Reptilicus.


Reptilicus is a snake-like creature with wings and legs, which make him resemble some medieval north European depictions of dragons as serpentine, winged creatures. He has light grey skin and prominent fangs. Most of his body is covered by large scales which provide protection from tank and artillery fire.



A group of miners dug up Reptilicus' tail when they were drilling in Lapland. It was flown to the Danish aquarium in Copenhagen, where it was put in a cold room for study. Due to careless mishandling, the door was left open and the section began to thaw, only for scientists to find that it was beginning to regenerate. The creature was dubbed "Reptilicus" and its regenerating ability was compared to other animals like earthworms and starfish. Once fully regenerated, it went on a rampage across the Danish countryside and into wider Europe, raiding the neighboring cities of Hamburg, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden, before landing in the panic-stricken streets of Copenhagen, the Danish capital.

Reptilicus was eventually hit with a tranquilizer inside his mouth, with the implication that the military could now safely kill and dispose of the creature; but the film ends with a Reptilicus foot severed in a previous military attack was shown twitching on the bottom of the sea, leaving the possibility that the foot could regenerate.


Acid Spit

Reptilicus spitting acid in Reptilicus

In the American version of his film, Reptilicus can spit neon green acid. Since the decision to add this effect was made in post-production, the acid does not interact with any object or person, making its potency impossible to determine.


Reptilicus flying in Reptilicus

In the Danish version of his film, Reptilicus is capable of low-altitude flight. This ability is also demonstrated in Charlton's comic book series.

Flame Retardant

Reptilicus is able to secrete an oily substance from its body that minimizes the effects of damage from fire. This ability is only mentioned in the film's screenplay and the Danish version, and not directly shown.


Reptilicus possesses incredible regeneration, similar to that of earthworms and starfish, being able to regenerate from a single body part in only a few hours when provided a nutrient bath.


Reptilicus engulfed in flames after being hit by a flamethrower in Reptilicus

General Mark Grayson, using an M2 flamethrower, was able to easily set Reptilicus ablaze. Had the monster not immediately retreated to the sea, it would likely have perished.



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  • Reptilicus was portrayed by a wired marionette.
  • In a season 1 episode of The Monkees, "I Was a Teenage Monster," Michael flips a switch in the evil Dr. Mendoza's laboratory and inadvertently summons Reptilicus. The monster is portrayed entirely through stock footage, with the addition of stream shooting out of his nostrils.
  • The film Reptilicus was the first film to be featured in the 2017 revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return also featured an original villain, a giant robotic serpent or worm creature, named Reptilicus Metallicus, in honor of the premiere episode's movie.
  • In the 2012 horror movie Cabin in the Woods, one of the monsters in the Facility is named Reptilicus, although it is a reptilian humanoid.


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