Sarah Daniels

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Sarah Daniels
Sarah as an adult
Sarah as a child
Ethan as a child
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Yuh Yi Joo
Related to Unnamed Father
Narin Yun (previous incarnation)
First appearance D-War
Played by Amanda Brooks (Adult)

Sarah Daniels is the fictional human protagonist of the 2007 South Korean-American monster film D-War, released in the west as Dragon Wars, produced by Younggu Art Movies and Showbox Entertainment. She is the reincarnation of the Yuh Yi Joo spirit carrier, Narin Yun and was born with the Mark of the Red Dragon.

History[edit | edit source]

D-War[edit | edit source]

Sarah was a 19-year-old living in Los Angeles when an unknown natural disaster struck. While watching news footage of the event, she noticed the scale of an Imoogi among the wreckage, and immediately ran home, where she copied Korean seal tags from a book to protect herself. Her roommate Brandy tried to take her out for drinks to ease her mind, but Sarah came home early anyway. On her way out of the bar, she was assaulted by three men before being rescued by a mysterious man. However, while being interrogated as a witness to the ordeal, the police seemed skeptical, and the press believed she had defeated the three men.

At home that night, she dreamed of unlocking her car only for it to bristle with scales before being choked and almost killed by a policeman with a magic sword. She awoke with her birthmark in searing pain, and called an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. On waking up in the hospital, she found she was locked in her room. When officials entered her room to try and calm her, she attacked with a knife to try and save herself from the Atrox, but was overpowered and put in quarantine, allegedly for fears that her birthmark could be an infection. There she was approached by CGNN news reporter Ethan Kendrick, who told her he could help with the horrible events coming, but before he could tell her more, Buraki attacked the building and they had to escape.

At Ethan’s friend’s house she was hypnotized into a trance-like state to study her dreams, in which she saw her father, before visions of Haram, Narin, and Buraki’s original attack before bursts of light came from the Mark of the Red Dragon, and she began to levitate until the machine was unplugged. Buraki then arrived, and they stole a pizza delivery car to escape. They regrouped with Bruce, who had arranged a chopper for them to buy time before Buraki came. Buraki then found them and prevented their escape by disabling their car. It nearly killed them, but got distracted by police officers shooting it, allowing for Ethan and Sarah to run to the chopper. Buraki however, coiled up the building and caught the helicopter in its mouth before they could escape, and they had to jump to the helipad. Sarah then took Ethan’s gun and threatened to take her own life as the skies grew dark. However, military choppers came to attack it.

They fled the scene as Atrox flooded the streets and skies. They were given a ride out of the city by FBI agents Frank Campbell and Judah Pinsky, and were taken to a location where Pinsky tried to kill Sarah to get rid of the Imoogi on the orders of the Secretary of Defense. Campbell then shot his partner to save the Yu Yi Joo and gave them his car to get them out of the city. Ethan drove them to Mexico to try and escape their destiny, which Sarah did not support, but their car was shot by Bulcos, and he awoke in the Atrox realm tied to a post, while Sarah was set to be sacrificed. However, with the power of Ethan’s medallion, all the Atrox were vanquished, and Sarah was saved from sacrifice, but Buraki was still prepared to attack.

Buraki lashed at Sarah, but the Good Imoogi saved her and was quickly defeated. Knowing what had to be done, Sarah released the Yuh Yi Joo, and directed it into the mouth of the Good Imoogi, before collapsing dead as the serpent transformed into a Celestial Dragon. The Dragon defeated the Imoogi before coming to where Ethan was holding Sarah’s body and releasing the Yuh Yi Joo long enough for her to raise her hand to his face before dissolving into it completely. The dragon then clasped the ball of light in its mouth and flew away with tears in its eyes after Sarah’s spirit said goodbye to Ethan, and said they would be together forever.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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