Seishi Yokomizo Series (1977-78)

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Seishi Yokomizo Series
Seishi Yokomizo Series
Air date April 2, 1977 - October 28, 1978
Channel(s) Tokyo Broadcasting System Television
Genre(s) Tokusatsu, Drama
Episodes 57*

The Seishi Yokomizo Series (横溝正史シリーズ,   Yokomizo Seishi Shirīzu) is a tokusatsu drama series created by Toho that aired from April 2, 1977 to October 28, 1978.


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Season 1

  1. Inugamike no Ichizoku
  2. Honjin Murder
  3. The Tower of Three Heads
  4. The Devil Comes to Blow His Flute
  5. Prison Gate Island
  6. The Devil's Ballad

Season 2 (Seishi Yokomizo Series 2)

  1. Village of Eight Gravestones
  2. Shinjuro
  3. Masquerade Ball
  4. Borboletta
  5. Night Walk
  6. Queen Bee
  7. Kuroneko-tei Incident
  8. Theater Mask
  9. Tragedy at Maze Manor


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Written by   Seishi Yokomizo



  • Kosuke Kindaichi


  • The Seishi Yokomizo Series worked to adapt many of the mystery novels related to the Kosuke Kindaichi character to TV.
  • Each film studio involved in the creation of the series, all worked on their own episodes. Toho worked on a total six that included The Tower of Three Heads, The Devil Comes to Blow His Flute, Prison Gate Island, Masquerade Ball, Night Walk, and Theater Mask.
    • According to Tokyo Broadcasting System producer Tamio Aoki, this divided studio attempt was employed due to the fact that Toho and Daiei would work to compete against one another and result in producing the best show possible.
  • Most of the episodes Toho produced ran simultaneously to the release of their film counterparts.
  • This show was made known partly to the fact that it inserted the character of Kosuke Kindaichi into two stories he was originally not associated with. These were Shinjuro and Theater Mask.


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