Skull Island theropods

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Skull Island theropods
A pack of theropods attack a Kong in Kong of Skull Island
Alternate names Demons, Monsters
Species Theropod dinosaur
Enemies Humans, Ewata, Valla, Ghost, Fer'rah, Kongs
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong of Skull Island #2 Kong of Skull Island #12

Various orange theropods are featured in the 2016 BOOM! Studios comic series Kong of Skull Island.


These theropods are very large predatory dinosaurs, towering over humans, covered with small orange scales and a row of spines going down their back and tail. They possess big heads with long mandibles and small eyes, as well as slender arms with three clawed fingers. These predators also sport long muscular legs and a serpentine tail.

Kong of Skull Island

Issue #2

After a marine reptile tipped the Tagu's boat, some of the passengers made it to shore. They thought they were safe from the monsters in the water, only to be attacked by a pack of theropods. However, a Kong called Tul arrived and fought the dinosaurs off.

Issue #3

A pair of theropods preyed on some of the Tagu that managed to arrive on Skull Island.

Issue #4

A pack of theropods attacked some humans during the siege of Skull Island. An Atu Kong trainer named Gret sent two of his Kongs to attack them head on. After a fierce battle, a badly injured female Kong backed the remaining individuals off the edge of an ocean cliff and into the mouth of a marine reptile. Some time later, another pack of theropods attacked the Tagu's fortress, but were quickly dispatched by various Atu Kongs.

Issue #5

As some Kongs returned from hunting in the jungle, they brought many theropod carcasses. Later, a smaller theropod attacks a pair of Atu, but was quickly killed by human warriors.

Issue #7

A pair of theropods attaced a Triceratops, but were interrupted by Valla, who managed to kill them after a brutal battle.

Issue #9

A pack of theropods stalked an Atu caravan, but at the last moment Valla arrived and defeated them.

Issue #12

Various theropods were seen battling against other dinosaurs inside the Citadel after the scent Aguul and his army had been putting out sent these creatures into a murderous rampage.



These dinosaurs are relatively powerful, being able to stand their own against other bulkier dinosaurs such as Triceratops.


Because of their relatively lanky build, these theropods are extremely fast and agile, able to outrun and outmaneuver most creatures they fight against.


Despite their intense aggression, these predators are fragile compared to stronger and more muscular creatures like the Kongs.


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