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Suzunosuke Akado (赤胴鈴之助,   Akadō Suzunosuke) is a series of tokusatsu kaijin films produced by Daiei from 1957 to 1958. The series was based on a Manga published in August of 1954 featuring the adventures of the heroic swordsman, defending a village from villains that threaten it. All nine entries starred Shoji Umewaka as Suzunosuke Akado and were written by Tetsuro Yoshida.



  • Suzunosuke Akado (1954) - Shonen Gahosha[1]

Characters and Monsters featured

  • Suzunosuke Akado
  • Shinobu
  • Shusaku Chiba
  • Takerinbo
  • Three-Eyed Birdman
  • Thunder Man
  • One-Legged Demon


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