The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin

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The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin
Developer Sunstone Games
Publisher Sunstone Games
Platforms PC, Home Consoles
Languages English
Genre Action, Fighting

The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin is an unreleased kaiju fighting game by Sunstone Games, first announced in 2012. It was intended to be the second game in the Colossal Kaiju Combat franchise, as well as the first commercial release. Nemesis creator Jeremy Robinson announced its cancellation on January 1, 2017.[citation needed]


The Kaijujin have a new champion - Nemesis - and they have organized a tournament to see how well she fares against a collection of Earth's mightiest kaiju! (Plus a few uninvited guests…) competition will be fierce both on and off the field - and ultimately Nemesis will fall!



  • Nemesis
  • Ikameijin
  • Tornaq
  • Macrosaurus
  • Katyusha
  • Tursacra
  • Duncan
  • Moratitan
  • Dragonlotus
  • Heart Eater
  • Lycanoid



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