The Return of Godzilla (Soundtrack)

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The Return of Godzilla
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The Return of Godzilla
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The Return of Godzilla Soundtrack
Cover of the 1989 King Records release of the soundtrack
Composed by Reijiro Koroku
Release year(s) 1989, 1993, 2006
# of tracks 291989, 551993, 632006

The soundtrack for The Return of Godzilla was first released on CD by King Records in 1989, with music by Reijiro Koroku. More comprehensive versions of the soundtrack for the film were released on CD by Futureland/Toshiba EMI Japan in 1993 and Toho Music in 2006.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

1989 release[edit | edit source]

  1. Main Theme
  2. The Two Meet
  3. Theme Song: Godzilla Comes Ashore
  4. Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant
  5. Izu Oshima/Miharayama
  6. The Nuclear Satellite(s) in Outer Space
  7. Emergency Evacuation Orders
  8. Tokyo Bay: Godzilla Roars
  9. The Capital Goes Up in Flames
  10. The Super X Theme Song
  11. Dive Down to 400 - On The Double!
  12. The High-Rise Building, The Isolated Twosome
  13. Fight to the Death: Godzilla vs. Super X
  14. Godzilla Heads to Miharayama
  15. Ending Theme
  16. Farewell Theme
  17. Godzilla: Love Theme
  18. Naoko's Theme 1
  19. Anxiety
  20. News Bulletin
  21. The Appearance
  22. Night View
  23. Naoko's Theme 2
  24. Testimony
  25. Naoko's Theme 3
  26. The Defense Force
  27. Background Music 1
  28. Background Music 2
  29. Background Music 3

1993 release[edit | edit source]

  1. Main Title
  2. Huge Shadow
  3. Victim
  4. Giant Sea Louse (Shockilas)
  5. Okumura In Hospital
  6. Laboratory
  7. Your Brother Lives
  8. Crash Dive
  9. Nuclear Sub SOS
  10. Godzilla News Goes Public
  11. Newspaper Reports
  12. Misunderstanding
  13. Self Defense Forces March #1
  14. Godzilla's Arrival
  15. Destruction Of Nuclear Plant
  16. Truth To The World
  17. Mount Mihara
  18. USA/USSR Special Envoys Arrive
  19. USA/USSR Nuclear Satellites
  20. Evacuation Order
  21. Self Defense Forces March #2
  22. Godzilla Ambushed
  23. Barashaivo (Russian Freighter)
  24. Godzilla To Yurako-cho (Pleasure District)
  25. Commencement Of Military Operations
  26. Deserted Streets
  27. Restaurant Background Music
  28. Success Of The Experiment
  29. Super-X
  30. Nuclear Missile Explosion
  31. Lightning
  32. Godzilla Collapses
  33. Order To Shelter
  34. Recovery Commences
  35. Two Left Behind
  36. Embrace
  37. Missile Intercept
  38. Detonation Effect
  39. Red Cloud
  40. Awakening #1
  41. Awakening #2
  42. Awakening #3
  43. Godzilla's Revival #1
  44. Godzilla's Revival #2
  45. Black Clouds
  46. Godzilla vs. Super-X
  47. Invincible Godzilla #1
  48. Invincible Godzilla #2
  49. Invincible Godzilla #3
  50. Godzilla Leaves Tokyo
  51. Godzilla Lands At Oshima Island
  52. Godzilla's Farewell
  53. Godzilla Ending
  54. Sayonara Lover
  55. Godzilla - Love Theme

2006 release[edit | edit source]

  1. Main Title (M1-T2)
  2. The Enormous Shadow (M2)
  3. Victim (M3)
  4. The Mysterious Creature (M4)
  5. The True Identity of the Enormous Creature (M5)
  6. Hayashida Research Institute (M6)
  7. Maki and Naoko (M7)
  8. The Soviet Nuclear Submarine's Crisis (M8)
  9. The Terror in the Ocean's Depths (M9)
  10. The Ban is Lifted on the News (M10)
  11. Report I (M11)
  12. Naoko's Sorrow (M12-T2)
  13. The Search for the Enemy Begins (M12A)
  14. Godzilla Emerges at the Ihama Nuclear Power Plant (M13)
  15. The Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant (M14)
  16. Report II (M14A)
  17. The Mt. Mihara Crater (M15)
  18. US-Soviet Special Envoys Arrive (M16)
  19. To the Prime Minister's Relief (M17)
  20. Soviet Nuclear Satellite (M33A)
  21. Emergency Evacuation Ordered (M18)
  22. The Self-Defense Forces go to Mt. Mihara (M18A)
  23. Coast Lookout Preparations (M18B)
  24. Godzilla Appears (M19)
  25. Baramebo (M20)
  26. Godzilla Devastates Yurakucho (M21-T2)
  27. The Guidance Strategy Begins (M22)
  28. Deserted Streets (M23)
  29. The Life of the Town (M23A)
  30. Godzilla and the Magnetic Substance (M24)
  31. The Super-X Mobilizes (M25)
  32. Nuclear Missile Launch (M27)
  33. The Missile Draws Near (M28)
  34. The Giant Beast Collapses (M29)
  35. Evacuation Ordered (M30)
  36. Super High-Rise Rescue (M31)
  37. The Two who were Left Behind (M32)
  38. The Desire to Live (M33)
  39. Nuclear Resolution (M34)
  40. The Red Sky (M34A)
  41. Thunder (M35E)
  42. The Awakening of the Giant Beast I (M35A)
  43. The Awakening of the Giant Beast II (M35B)
  44. The Awakening of the Giant Beast III (M35B')
  45. The Awakening of the Giant Beast IV (M35C)
  46. The Awakening of the Giant Beast V (M35D)
  47. Godzilla vs. the Super-X (M36)
  48. The Urban Center Inferno (M37)
  49. The Terror of Godzilla (M38)
  50. The Crimson City (M39)
  51. Godzilla Heads to Oshima (M40)
  52. Godzilla Arrives at Oshima (M41)
  53. Godzilla Falls into Mt. Mihara (M42)
  54. "Godzilla" Ending (M43B-T3) [by The Star Sisters]
  55. Godzilla Falls into Mt. Mihara (M42B)
  56. Ending (M43)
  57. Main Title (M1-T1)
  58. Naoko's Sorrow (M12-T1)
  59. Godzilla Devastates Yurakucho (M21-T1)
  60. The Life of the Town (M23 + M23A)
  61. US-Soviet Special Envoys Arrive (M15A + M16A)
  62. The Super-X Mobilizes (M25 Edit)
  63. Good-bye Sweetheart Godzilla [by Yasuko Sawaguchi; Composer Takashi Miki]

Additional Music[edit | edit source]

For Godzilla 1985, the American re-edit of The Return of Godzilla, New World Pictures added tracks from Christopher Young's score for Def-Con 4 to the soundtrack of the film. The legal complications caused by this music's inclusion has been cited by Kraken Releasing co-founder Matt Greenfield as one of the reasons why Godzilla 1985 could not be included on his company's DVD and Blu-ray releases of The Return of Godzilla.[1] The titles of the tracks are "A Message from Home," "Armageddon," "I Can't Go On," "The Juggernaut," "Defense Condition," and "The Liberation of Fort Liswell."[2] An additional track is untitled, as it was not used for the film.

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