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Pointless edits

The King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)

Again, I am begging you to think before you edit. The majority of your edits are completely arbitrary or meaningless (changing all uses of "American" to "U.S.," adding or removing articles like 'the,' eliminating the use of synonyms for words). Why are you doing this, especially after being asked to stop repeatedly? There is nothing wrong with making grammatical and spelling fixes, but you are mixing those productive edits with dozens of nonsensical changes that you insist on implementing sitewide. Your edits are becoming increasingly bizarre and unhelpful, and I am asking you to please change the nature of your edits.

The King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)

I am serious. You continue doing this and will not listen to anyone. Some of your edits are completely pointless and you keep making them. You seem obsessed with removing all synonyms of words (replacing all mentions of "movie" with "film") and are attempting to change the site's standards for how certain words with multiple spellings are spelled. In some cases you are even changing direct quotes to be more grammatically correct. Will you please acknowledge the staff's concerns for once, or are you going to keep doing this until we block you?

Daimajin1966 (talkcontribs)

I feel I must reply to this.

  • First, I feel that "film" is more distinguished than "movie" in most, if not all, cases.
  • Second, I don't mess with quotes. When I see a quote, I leave it alone.
  • Third, my edits are mostly spelling, grammatical, and punctuation typos.
  • Fourth, everyone else seems to appreciate what I'm doing, so what are you complaining for? The way I look at it, no one's raising a ruckus or making a stink about this except you.

Let me give you an example. The grammatically correct terms for the two vehicles that MOGUERA can divide into are the Land Moguera and the Star Falcon (the latter being a similar term to the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars saga). I've seen them both referred to elsewhere with that article. Yet when I tried to fix it, someone kept saying it wasn't right. Now, if Toho uses no "the" for both of them, then I'll follow Toho's advice. I called the flying vehicle in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II by its proper term, the Garuda, and no one complained, so why complain about these two?

Here's another example. The proper name for opne of the kaiju in Terror of Mechagodzilla is Mechagodzilla 2, yet when I added that to the section on that film in the Mechagodzilla article, I got jumped on immediately.

Both of these don't seem right.

Les (talkcontribs)

For what it's worth, the dub of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II uses "the Garuda" while Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla does not put "the" in front of Star Falcon or Land Moguera. I would argue Land Moguera and Star Falcon are more mech-like than the Garuda, so it would be comparable to saying "the Mechagodzilla."

The King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)

It doesn't matter if a term is "more distinguished," if it's a proper synonym, it can still be there. We use "film" consistently in certain contexts, but there's no reason to remove any mention of "movie."

Yes, most of your edits are corrections to grammar and spelling, but they are mixed in with nonsensical edits like the ones I keep complaining to you about. So people like me have to sift through the pages to remove things that shouldn't have been changed.

You have been getting multiple complaints about your edits from many editors and even staff members beside me. In fact, I didn't start addressing your edits until very recently.

There is no "grammatically correct" term for the vehicles. In Japanese there are no articles so we technically can't say for sure if the intention is for them to have an article before their names or not. So it's kind of inconsistent across the board. Generally we go by whether English dubs and translations use the articles or not. Star Falcon and Land Moguera are never referred to with "the" in any English translation I've seen, so systematically going through the pages and adding "the" to every single mention is enough grounds for removal unless Toho or someone outright says the article is supposed to be there.

Yes, the 1975 Mechagodzilla is officially designated "Mechagodzilla 2," but constantly referring to him by that title is unneccessarry. In dialogue, he is only ever called "Mechagodzilla," and just saying "Mechagodzilla" in the article after initially stating that he is called Mechagodzilla 2 is enough. Your edits were also reverted because you kept removing any mention of Mechagodzilla 2 being rebuilt to make it sound like it and the 1974 version are completely different robots.

My major problem with your edits is that you seem to take it upon yourself to standardize practically everything on the wiki, removing synonyms for words, changing phrasing of certain terms in every single instance, and overall just being needlessly pedantic. In the past you have tried removing all contractions, which is completely ridiculous. You also keep insting on adding subtitles to all mentions of certain monsters for some reason.

Other staff members, including myself, have warned you repeatedly and you just keep on ignoring us. I am perfectly happy with you fixing grammar and spelling across the site, but I'm tired of having to sift through dozens of consecutive edits on pages to remove things you've added that are unneccessary.

Daimajin1966 (talkcontribs)

I never said that Mechagodzilla and Mechagodzilla 2 were the same robot or removed any references to it being rebuilt. Quite the contrary, I know they're two separate robots and I knew that it had rebuilt. In fact, I was the one who pointed out (based on a statement I saw and read in the Godzilla cover article from Fangoria #1) that the second robot was even more powerful than the original; it's not me removing those references. I'd never do that and I know I didn't; that must've been someone else. Btw, I removed all but two of the "2"s in the Terror of Mechagodzilla section of the Mechagodzilla article, so I hope that's all right.

Silver King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)

You're missing the point of what I said. The original articles were clear that Mechagodzilla 2 was simply the rebuilt version of the 1974 Mechagodzilla. What you did was remove mentions of him being rebuilt to make it sound like they were completely separate unrelated robots.

Daimajin1966 (talkcontribs)

Let me repeat what I just said: I never did that! I know what I edited before, and that wasn't one of them! I know it wasn't! In fact, I looked through two whole pagas of History and didn't see one post that says I did what you said. You'd better have proof of this, because I don't like being blamed for a crime I didn't commit.

Silver King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)
Daimajin1966 (talkcontribs)

What I said was that Mechagodzilla 2 was being built, as in being built from the remains of the original. I'm sorry you didn't see it that way. Why do I fell that have to spell everything out for everyone now? That was clear as a bell. Surely you must've seen it .

Silver King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)

Because saying "Mechagodzilla was rebuilt" is factually correct. There's no reason to remove all mentions of that.

Daimajin1966 (talkcontribs)

All right, I'm sorry. You're right and I'm wrong.