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My top 10 godzilla monsters:

10-mothra 9-varan 8-king caesar 7-heisei mechagodzilla 6-gorosaurus 5-destoroyah 4-gigan 3-king ghidorah 2-anguirus 1-godzilla(obviously)

My top 3 favorite franchises

3-ultraman 2-pokemon 1-godzilla

My top 5 least favorite godzilla movies:

5-shin godzilla(the godzilla scenes are epic,but sadly godzilla does not have a personality on this movie and i don't care for the human stuff on this movie) 4-GMK(a good movie for me,but sadly,there are somethings i really hate on this movie,the mothra design is ugly,the human protagonist is in my bottom 3 least favorite human characters on a godzilla movie and i don't see nothing special on this movie,it's also easily the most overrated godzilla movie) 3-godzilla vs megaguirus(BORING) 2-godzilla the planet eater(i hate haruo so munch,and the other characters are really forgetable to me,also i don't like what they did to mechagodzilla) 1-all monsters attack(i think i don't need to explain)

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January 17th
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i like overhated things like godzilla final wars and pokemon x/y