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Thunder of Gigantic Serpent
English-language poster for Thunder of Gigantic Serpent
Directed by Godfrey Ho
Producer(s) Betty Chan, Joseph Lai,
Derek Lee
Written by Godfrey Ho, AAV Creative Unit (story)
George Chu (story)
Music by Stephen Tsang
Distributor IFD Films and Arts
Running time 86 minutes
(1 hour, 26 minutes)
Aspect ratio 1.85:1
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Thunder of Gigantic Serpent is a 1988 reworking of the 1984 Taiwanese monster movie King of Snake (Daai se wong) produced by the infamous Hong Kong schlock filmmaker Godfrey Ho with newly filmed inserts starring martial artist and cult actor Pierre Kirby.


A secret chemical formula called the R19 Growth Stimulate has been created by a Taiwanese scientist name Lai with military backing. R19 has the ability to enlarge plants and animals as demonstrated when a frog is grown to the size of a dog. Doctor Lai wants to use the formula for peaceful purposes that could benefit mankind by solving world hunger but the military seeks other uses as a biological weapons basis. With R19 now out of his hands by the military, Lai angrily quits, leaving the project in the hands of his staff.

Unfortunately, the international mastermind and would-be world conqueror Solomon sends a team of armed terrorists to capture R19 and murder every soldier and scientist stationed at the facility. The brutal massacre leaves only one survivor, the female scientist named Lyn who escapes with R19 and a special mechanical case that assists the growth effects with electrical voltage.

During Lyn's escape, however, she ends up in a car crash and R19 is lost in the nearby countryside. Although the terrorists believe the formula to have been destroyed in the crash, Solomon orders them to continue searching on the threat of death as an unconscious Lyn is soon found by the authorities and taken to a hospital. The military hires special agent Ted Fast to combat and execute the terrorists, particular their leader Solomon.

Meanwhile, the R19 case is found by a little girl named Ting Ting who takes it home to be used as a bed for her beloved pet snake Mosler. Later that night, R19 accidentally enlarge Mosler to the size of an anaconda but, thankfully, Mosler retains his friendly disposition and loving attitude towards Ting Ting.

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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Godfrey Ho
  • Written by   Godfrey Ho, AAV Creative Unit (story), George Chu (story)
  • Produced by   Betty Chan, Joseph Lai, Derek Lee
  • Music by   Stephen Tsang
  • Cinematography by   Raymond Chang
  • Edited by   Homer Kwong
  • Production design by   Jimmy Chu
  • Assistant directing by   Heather Cheung
  • Special effects by   Simon Chu


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.



  • Mosler
  • Enlarged frog

Weapons, Vehicles, and Races





Theatrical Releases

U.S. Release

Alternate Titles

  • Terror Serpent (Germany and West Germany)
  • Epixeirisi Keraunos (Επιχείρηση Κεραυνός, Greece)

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  • Due to the extremely poor and shoddy English dubbing done for the film, there has been some debate on how Mosler's name is properly said and spelled with alternative being Mozler, Mozla, Mozlah, and Mosla among many other variations.

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