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Species Armored Carnivorous Reptile
Length 20-28 feet[1]
First appearance The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island

Tartarusaurus is a large armored carnivorus quadrupedal reptile native to the coasts of Skull Island that appears in The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island.


Tartarusaurus means "hell-lizard" and its species name, Tartarusaurus saevus, means "cruel hell-lizard".[1] "Tartaru" is derived from Tartarus, which is translation of the Greek word Tartaros (Ταρταρος) and was the name of a primordial deity in Greek mythology who was the body of the Pit of Tartarus.


Tartarusaurus is a large reptile with a mammalian gait, a thick tail, and a mouth full of teeth. It has a pair of crests/horns on the sides of its head that are identical in appearance to the dinosaur Carnotaurus. One each of its forelimbs is a thick sickle-shaped claw, similar to those found in dromaeosaurid dinosaurs like Velociraptor, that is used in combat between males over resources and females.[1] Its skin is superficially similar to a rhinoceros but with the detailing of reptilian scales.


  • Tartarusaurus was originally designed by Greg Broadmore in 2004 for the 2005 King Kong film.[2] The name "Tartarusaurus" was also used as the name for an early design of Foetodon.[3]
  • The prey of Tartarusaurus consists of seals, coastal reptiles, and Limusaurus. In addition, Tartarusaurus was also known to scavenge carcasses and raid the nests of low cliff-nesting birds.[1]


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