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'm a huge fan of Kaiju movies. And other movies. Favorite Movies: All Godzilla Movies (except for 1998.), All Gamera Movies, Other Kaiju Movies (example: Yongary, Mothra, Rodan, Frankenstien Vs. Baragon and more!), The Dark Knight Trilogy, All Jurassic Park Movies, Pacific Rim, All Paranormal Activity Movies, The Conjuring and many more! Favorite Shows: Ed Edd n' Eddy Favorite Games: Godzilla: Unleashed, Monster House and more! Favorite Band: Skillet Favorite Music: Rock, Soundtracks and more. Favorite Composers: Akira Ifukable, Masuru Sato and whole lot. Favorite Directors: Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and many many More!