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Alternate names Giant Horny Gorilla, King Kong
Species Giant Gorilla
Height 36ft
Weight 10 tons
Enemies Giant Shark, Monster Reptile, Humans
Played by Suit
First appearance A*P*E

A*P*E is a giant ape monster who first appeared in the 1976 film, A*P*E.



Having just escaped from his imprisonment onboard an oil tanker, the giant ape swims out to shore only to then be attacked by a giant shark. After a quick tussle, the giant ape kills the shark by ripping its mouth wide open. A*P*E came out on land. he started to take down the power lines. he throws barrels like Donkey Kong. Later, he came up at a playground watching the kids play. While stumbling through the countryside, the giant ape finds a giant snake (noted as "Monster Reptile" on the film's poster) wrapped around a tree. The ape grabs the snake, but immediately tosses it away. then A*P*E comes across some people, then the people try to fire everything at him. Later, A*P*E starts juggling a hang-glider. then A*P*E grabs Marilyn. The US Army came across the giant ape. A*P*E destroys the helicopters and gave them the finger. A*P*E starts rampaging Seoul. A*P*E climbs a hill and the US Army tries to kill the giant ape while the giant ape throws boulders at some tanks. A*P*E suddenly dies by the US Army.



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