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Giant Bees
Giant Bees
Murder Hornet
Alternate names Killer Poisonous Insect
Species Giant Bees
Height 6ft
Length 6m
Weight 6,800lbs
Allies Bees
Enemies Humans
Played by Puppets, Bees, Asian Giant Hornets, Animation (Swarm)
First appearance Latest appearance
Genocide Genocide

Giant Bees (殺人猛毒昆虫,   Satsujin Mōdoku Konchū, lit. Killer Poisonous Insects) are mutated bee kaiju who first appeared in the 1968 film, Genocide.



The Giant Bees were mutated due to the atomic bombs. they started killing every human in sight. at the end of the film, they died.


  • Genocide (1968)


  • The Giant Bees only appear in a deleted scene of Genocide.
  • The Giant Bees had their own toy by Orion's Gamera, Gappa, Guilala: Special Effects Encyclopedia.