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Species Bull Demon
Height 12ft
Weight 2 tons
Enemies Humans
Played by Toshio Chiba
First appearance Latest appearance
The Demon of Mount Oe The Demon of Mount Oe

Kidomaru is a giant bull demon kaiju who first appeared in the 1960 fantasy film, The Demon of Mount Oe.


Kidomaru resembles a giant bull with a nasal horn.


The Demon of Mount Oe

Kidomaru kidnapped Nagisa on a cloud. but Sakata no Kintoki threw an ax at the demon's forehead and left and got Nagisa. Later, Kidomaru returned and fought the warriors. Sakata shot the demon with the arrow from the dream, causing the demon to die.


  • The Demon of Mount Oe (1960)


  • Kidomaru was based off of a yokai from japanese folklore.
  • Kidomaru got a toy from Orion's Gamera Gappa Guilala Special Effects Encyclopedia.