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Alternate names Lake god, Nebura
Species Dinosaurian lake monster
Allies Takiri
Enemies Businessmen
Conceived of by Daisuke Sato
Modeled by Keizo Murase
Played by Tomohiro Matsumoto, puppetry
First appearance Howl from Beyond the Fog
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Nebula (ネブラ,   Nebra) is a kaiju who appeared in the 2019 film Howl from Beyond the Fog by independent filmmaker Daisuke Sato, inspired by the 1951 short story "The Fog Horn" by Ray Bradbury.


The monster's name originates from the Latin word for fog, nebula.[1]


Nebula was Daisuke Sato's second creation to be inspired by the sea monster featured in Ray Bradbury's "The Fog Horn", with the first being featured in a 2007 film that Sato had lost in a hard-disk failure.[2] The prototype for Howl from Beyond the Fog was finished in December 2016, with the production on the hand puppet starting in February of the following year.[3] Former Toho employee Keizo Murase headed the modeling of the monster at Studio Twenty.[1] with the assistance of backers participating in the Kickstarter campaign.[4]


Nebula looks similar to a sauropod dinosaur, with a long neck and oval-shaped body. He has stubby legs, and a square head with a small point at the end. He has moss, grass, dirt, and tree limbs all over the top of his body. He has sharp teeth, his irises are orange, with white pupils, and his skin is a light grey color.


Reiwa era

Howl from Beyond the Fog

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Two travelers are killed by Nebula, who arose from below the bridge they were crossing and whipped it out with its powerful foggy breath. The monster then walked down the valley.

One day in 1909, a young man named Eiji visited his blind cousin Takiri in Kyushu. That night, Eiji followed his cousin to a lake and saw her awaken Nebula from its sleep. When Takiri was pushed into the lake by the developers, Nebula saves her from drowning, and in his rage, attacks the developers, who fire at him, but to no avail. Nebula rampages through the city, where the developers use fireworks to lure him to a bridge. When he arrives, he is hit with a canon and is toppled. He gets back up and dodges the next two shots. He inhales the nearby fog before blowing it at the bridge, collapsing it. The men fall off, and Nebula crushes their leader.



Nebula is an adept swimmer and is also able to walk on land.

Fog breath

Nebula can inhale fog and release it in one strong breath. This attack was displayed in the film when he used it to destroy the bridge the businessmen were standing on.


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