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Negadon in Negadon: The Monster from Mars
Subtitle(s) Great Planetary Monster
(惑星大怪獣,   Wakusei Daikaijû), The Monster from Mars
Height 100 meters[1]
Weight 30,000 tons[1]
Place(s) of emergence Mars
Enemies MI-6 2, JSDF
Conceived of by Jun Awazu
First appearance Negadon: The Monster from Mars
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Negadon (ネガドン,   Negadon) is a giant alien monster who appears in the 2005 film Negadon: The Monster from Mars.




Not much is shown regarding the monster's behaviour, though it seemed to stay defensive after being brought to Earth, and attacked anything that neared it or provoked it, includng high agression towards MI-6 2 and clearly intended to destroy it.


Negadon is a Martian, emerged from a cocoon after it was brought to Earth.


Heisei Era

Negadon: The Monster from Mars

As Earth's population in 2025 reaches 10 billion, humanity lans to terraform Mars for resources and more living space. A blast exposes a mysterious cocoon, of which is retrieved and brought to Earth by spaceship Izanami. Narasaki, a former scientist, is visited by a past assistant and JSDF officer Seiji Yoshizawa who tells him to consider joining the Japanese robotics program, but is met by a refuse and a statement about him no longer having interests in robotics or science. When Seiji pressures further, Narasaki tells him to leave. Narasaki watches a bioluminescent yellow moth fly around the room, and experiences a flashback to an event at Narasaki Walking Machine Laboratory 10 years ago that changed everything. He had brought Emi, his duaghter, to work and explained about his lifetime dreams to create robots that would work in the sea and on the land. Emi stood, wide-eyed and agog, and when Narasaki was finished, she asked him if he had seen her letter. He apologizes and said he left it in his coat pocket, and as she scolds him the system of robot MI-6 malfunctions and a tube snaps, flailing and smashing the glass infront of the pair. This kills Emi and blinds Narasaki in one eye. Izanami holds the cocoon in its cargo section and flies to Earth when suddenly the temperature spikes dangerously high, decimating the ship and causing great destruction around it as it falls to Earth. A helicopter flies past and broadcasts live footage of the monster, Negadon, emerging out of the cocoon, only to be destroyed when the monster fires an electrical blast at the ground. The JSDF sends tanks, missiles, and much more but Negadon simply ignores it all and demolishes them with a high-powered energy blast, and initiates a defensive stance. Narasaki watches from home the panicked and shocked reporter on TV, thinking of the robot MI-6, and is filled with a burning determination to kill the monster. He climbs into the MI-6 2's cockpit, and recieves a call from Seiji. He tells Narasaki to flee, and that an old prototype of a terraforming robot wouldn't defeat an enormous space monster. He denies Seiji's requests to give up, and just tells him to rescue his own family before the battle starts. MI-6 2 arrives in front of Negadon and sprints into action, being shot by an energy blast. He deflecta it with the drill arm, damaging the appendage it came from and making Negadon topple. Negadon attacks with an energy whip, but Narasaki rapidly reacts, leaping over it and delivers a powerful kick. Negadon ambushes it and blasts a beam directly on the chest at point-blank range, which proves to be very effective. The JSDF's jets return and assault on the weak point on its appendage, diverting its attention, and MI-6 2 anchors on to Negadon, shooting off with Negadon being dragged up. The battle is now entirely in space, with both sides floating around. MI-6 2 charges threateningly with the drill arm extended fully, and Negadon unleashes an energy ball that is intercepted by the drill. Narasaki hurls MI-6 2 towards Negadon with full thrusters and extreme speed, impaling straight into Negadon. Negadon ruptures and unleashes a meteor sized explosion, taking all around with it including MI-6 2. The robot's drill survives and surfs through space, marking the end of the monster's life.


Energy Beam

Negadon can shoot a fiery yellow, high-powered beam of energy from its appendages that are highly destructive and explosive, exploding lots that it comes into contact with, as shown when it took down a large group of tanks and buildings in its first appearance, and then pushed back and nearly broke MI-6 2

Energy Lasso

By opening several hidden parts of its interior, it can launch an orange whip made of energy with destructive power comaparable to its beam

Energy Ball

By once again opening several concealed parts of its body like MI-6 2 can itself, it can unleash a devastating bright blue energy ball which it striked at MI-6 2, nearly breaking the drill hand and was only intercepted at full thrusters speed


When the JSDF launched an aerial strike of missiles at its appendage, it fell right off, and when MI-6 2 was put at its full thruster speed and power, its drill hand embedded straight into a hidden part of it, causing it to collapse and explode


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