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Queen Kong
Queen Kong
Species Giant Gorilla
Height 64ft
Weight 999 tons
Allies Ray Fay
Enemies Dinosauropteryx, Pterowhatsit, Humans
Played by Suit
First appearance Queen Kong

Queen Kong is a female ape kaiju who first appeared in the 1976 film Queen Kong.


Queen Kong

Deeper into the jungles of Nabonga Where They Do The Konga, the crew discover the semi-suburbanized village of the natives who are preparing a gigantic picnic table for an upcoming sacrifice to their giant ape goddess, Queen Kong. Queen Kong takes Ray Fay, then, suddenly, a Dinosauropteryx shows up. Queen Kong starts fighting off the Dinosauropteryx (now we know what the Asylum version of King Kong vs. Godzilla would look like). Ray and Queen Kong are busy getting to know each other when their marriage is suddenly interrupted by a Pterowhatsit. Queen Kong starts wrestling with the Pterowhatsit. Queen Kong drops the ladies into a pit (I remember this, this is where the Lost Queen Kong Spider Pit Sequence fits in). Queen Kong starts chasing the ladies and Ray. Queen Kong starts rampaging through Nabonga Where They Do The Konga. The ladies start using bombs to knock out Queen Kong. They take her to London for the Queen Kong Show. The Peppers start singing a song about Queen Kong. Queen Kong starts rampaging through London because she wants Ray. Later, Queen Kong finds Ray in a helicopter and goes back to Nabonga Where They Do The Konga.


  • Queen Kong (1976)



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