The Bermuda Depths (1978)

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The Bermuda Depths
The Bermuda Depths poster
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Mystery of Bermuda (1978)
See alternate titles
Directed by Tom Kotani
Written by William Overguard, Jules Bass
Distributor Rankin/BassUS Tsuburaya ProductionsJP
Running time 95 minutes
(1 hour, 35 minutes)
Aspect ratio 1.33:1

The Bermuda Depths (バミューダの謎,   Bamyūda no nazo, lit. Bermuda Mystery) is a 1978 tokusatsu science fiction direct-to-video film produced in cooperation by Japan's Tsuburaya Productions and the American studio Rankin/Bass. It was released to America in January 27, 1978, and in Japan in July 20, 1979.


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  • Directed by   Tom Kotani
  • Written by   William Overguard, Jules Bass
  • Music by   Maury Laws
  • Screenplay by   William Overguard
  • Special Effects by   Kazuo Sagawa


  • Leigh McCloskey as Magnus Dens
  • Carl Weathers as Eric
  • Connie Sellecca as Jennifer 'Jennie' Haniver
  • Julie Woodson as Doshan
  • Ruth Attaway as Delia
  • Burl Ives as Dr. Paulis
  • Elise Frick
  • Nicholas Ingham
  • Kevin Petty
  • Nicole Marsh
  • George Richards
  • John Instone
  • Jonathan Ingham
  • Patricia Rego
  • Doris Riley
  • Tracy Anne Sadler



  • Giant Turtle




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Alternate titles

  • Mystery of Bermuda (literal Japanese title)

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Video releases

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