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Cate Randa: “So if we're in the realm of the Titans or whatever, why does it look so much like Earth?
Keiko Randa: “Because it is. Parts of it, anyway. Different pieces of home. Different pieces of their world. All put together like a patchwork quilt. I don't think this is the realm of the Titans at all. It's a place between places. I call it "Axis Mundi".
Cate Randa: “The pole between heaven and Earth.
Keiko Randa explaining to Cate Randa about the Axis Mundi ("Beyond Logic")

Axis Mundi (Latin for "world axis") is a region of the Hollow Earth that appears in the 2023 Apple TV+ Monsterverse series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Unlike other portions of the Hollow Earth seen in the Monsterverse, inhabitants of Axis Mundi experience time slower than those on Earth's surface. It is known to be connected to the surface world by at least four portals, similar if not identical to the Vile Vortices discovered to lead to other regions of the Hollow Earth: one in an abandoned nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan, one in the U.S. state of Kansas, another in (somewhere) Japan, and one on Skull Island.

The first known human visitor to Axis Mundi was Monarch scientist Dr. Keiko Randa, who fell there against her will in 1959 and was presumed dead. Monarch subsequently launched Operation Hourglass in 1962, an expedition into Axis Mundi which went awry and left the exploration party stranded. Though the party was preyed upon by the Ion Dragon, one member, Captain Lee Shaw, was eventually sucked up into a portal and emerged on the surface with his life—now in the year 1982. Decades later, in 2015, Shaw fell back into Axis Mundi along with May Olowe-Hewitt and Cate Randa, the lattermost finding Keiko, her grandmother, alive and still young. Together, they managed to fix up Lee's pod from Operation Hourglass and lured the Ion Dragon and Godzilla to stabilize the portal. Though Lee had to sacrifice himself, Keiko, May and Cate return to the surface and onto Skull Island in the year 2017.



Monarch: Legacy of Monsters


In 1959, as Bill Randa, Keiko and Lee Shaw tried to escape a swarm of Endoswarmers, Keiko lost grip of the rope she was being carried by and fell down an Axis Mundi portal.


Axis Mundi is connected to the surface through a vast network of portals similar to ones that lead to other sectors of the Hollow Earth. Portals into the Axis Mundi are unstable and require a Titan's radiation to stabilize it for safe travel. Due to their unstable nature, these portals can implode if disturbed, such as by the explosives Lee Shaw used to close two of them. When stabilized or during implodions, the portals will begin to suck in nearby objects, although large Titans such as the Ion Dragon and Godzilla were immune due to their immense weight. Whenever a rift closes, it produces an electrical charge that effects the vision of humans. This electricity builds up in patches that explode, which are lethal to humans and plant life effected by it. Due to Axis Mindi's gravitational distortion, space-time is dramatically slowed compared to the surface and other areas of the Hollow Earth. There does not appear to be any correlation between the time one remains in Axis Mundi and the time which passes on the surface of the Earth; Lee Shaw and Keiko Randa were trapped within Axis Mundi for a week and 57 days respectively, but on the surface 20 years had passed for the former and 56 had passed for the latter. When Keiko, Cate and May managed to escape Axis Mundi, two years has passed.

Gravitational Distortion

Space-time continuum manipulation

Gamma Ray absorption

Electromagnetic Wave manipulation

Radioactive Anomaly Emission

Light Wave distortion



Concept Art

Nick Keller


Extending Worlds: Axis Mundi



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