Suzunosuke Akado

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Suzunosuke Akado
Suzunosuke Akado in Suzunosuke Akado: The Birdman with Three Eyes
Alternate names Akado Suzunosuke
Subtitle(s) TBA
Species kaijin
Height TBA
Place(s) of emergence Earth
Enemies TBA
Created by TBA
Played by Shoji Umewaka
Taro Momoyama
First appearance Suzunosuke Akado (1957)
Latest appearance Suzunosuke Akado: Defeat the Skull Gang (1958)

Suzunosuke Akado (赤胴鈴之助,   Akadō Suzunosuke) is a magical swordsman kaijin that first appeared in the 1957 film Suzunosuke Akado.


  • Suzunosuke Akado (1957)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: The Moonlight Monster (1957)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: Defeat the Demon-Faced Gang (1957)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: The Vacuum Slash of Asuka (1957)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: The Demon of Shingetsu Tower (1957)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: The One-Legged Demon (1957)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: The Birdman with Three Eyes (1958)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: The Thunder Man of Kurokumo Valley (1958)
  • Suzunosuke Akado: Defeat the Skull Gang (1958)


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