The Snow Woman (1968)

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The Snow Woman
The Japanese poster for The Snow Woman ‎
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Mysterious Snow Woman (1968)
Flagicon United States.png Snow Ghost
See alternate titles
Directed by Tokuzo Tanaka
Producer(s) Masaichi Nagata, Ikuo Kubodera
Written by Fuji Yahiro, Lafcadio Hearn (novel)
Music by Akira Ifukube
Distributor DaieiJP
Running time 80 minutes
(1 hour, 20 minutes)
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
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The Snow Woman (怪談雪女郎,   Kaidan Yukijorō, lit. Mysterious Snow Woman) is a 1968 tokusatsu horror film produced by Daiei, and based on a short story called "Yiki-Onna" written by Lafcadio Hearn. It was released in Japanese theaters on April 20, 1968.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Tokuzo Tanaka
  • Written by   Lafcadio Hearn, Fuji Yahiro
  • Produced by   Ikuo Kubodera, Masaichi Nagata
  • Music by   Akira Ifukube
  • Cinematography by   Chikashi Makiura
  • Edited by   Hiroshi Yamada
  • Production design by   Akira Naito
  • Assistant directing by   Atsuhiko Katsuro
  • Graffed by   Shunji Kurokawa
  • Sound Effects Edited by   Noburu Kurashima
  • Sound Records by   Yukio Kaihara


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Machiko Hasegawa   as   Wife Machiko
  • Shiho Fujimura   as   Yuki
  • Akira Ishihama   as   Yosaku
  • Taketoshi Naitō   as   Mino Gonmori
  • Mizuho Suzuki   as   Gyokei
  • Suga Fujio   as   Soju
  • Yoshiro Kitahara   as   Jōjin
  • Sachiko Murase   as   Soyo
  • Masao Shimizu   as   Jiun
  • Jutaro Hojo   as   Matsukawa
  • Hara Izumi   as   Miko
  • Tatsuo Hananuno   as   Shigeruasa
  • Tokio Oki   as   Doctor A
  • Jun Fujikawa   as   Doctor B
  • Yukio Horikita   as   Guard
  • Ichi Koshikawa   as   The Man of the Agency
  • Shinya Saitō   as   Taro




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Alternate titles

  • Ghost Story of the Snow Witch
  • Ghost Story of the Snow Fairy
  • Snow Ghost (United States)

Theatrical releases

Video releases

Daiei VHS[1]

Kadokawa DVD

  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1[3]
  • Audio: Japanese (Dolby Stereo)[3]
  • Aspect Ratio : 1.78:1[3]


Japanese The Snow Woman trailer
Full Movie (with English subtitles)
score suite by Akira Ifukube



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