War Eagles (1938-1939)

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War Eagles
Teaser for War Eagles
Alternate titles The War Eagles
Planned 1938-1939
Intended release 1938-1939
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War Eagles also known as The War Eagles is an unmade fantasy, adventure, giant monster film proposal conceived by Willis O'Brien and Merian C. Cooper.


Just before World War II, a publicly humiliated and court-martialed test pilot, J.P. Brandt takes the only job he could, that being of flying experimental planes from the north to south pole. While flying, his plane is attacked by a figure resembling a large white bird, causing him to crash land on an uncharted island inhabited by dinosaurs, giant eagles, and a tribe of Norsemen, called Arnland.

As J.P. Brandt explores the island, encountering its inhabitants, he eventually meets a tribe of Norsemen, who have tamed giant eagles. He eventually ends up befriending them and tames the island's apex predator, the legendary white eagle, the same eagle that attacked his plane earlier. After that, he discovers that the island is also home to a Nazi base of operations who plan on invading the U.S.A. with planes and zeppelins

J.P. Brandt tells his newfound friends about it and convinces them to help him stop the invasion, our main character and the Norsemen take their eagles to the sky and start approaching the United States. The eagle riders and the Nazis end up confronting each other above New York City and a battle commences. After a triumphant battle, the eagle riders defeat the Nazis, saving the United States from the invasion.


The film was planned by Willis O'Brien and Merian C. Cooper, known for being the creators of King Kong, Cooper even envisioned the project as the superior to King Kong. They planned the film's production between 1938 and 1939.[1][2] However, Cooper, having fought in World War I, abandoned the project to enroll in World War II, leaving no one in charge of the project, and by the time he returned from the war, War Eagles was no longer considered relevant.

A book by Carl Macek based on the story was published in 2008, 70 years after planning began for the film. Another novel adaptation and a history book would be made by David Conover and Phillip J. Riley only three years later after Macek's novel.



  • Giant Eagles
    • The legendary white eagle
  • Allosaurus

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Nazi zeppelins
  • Nazi planes
  • The Norsemen living on Arnland


As of 2023, three books based off of this idea have been made with the first one, a adaptation by Carl Macek called "War Eagles", being published in 2008. The second was another adaptation made by David Conover, who have also made a history book about the would have been film called "WAR EAGLES-The Unmaking of an Epic". Both were published in 2011, only being separated by three days.



Ray Harryhausen would later mention the film whenever movie studio executives interviewed him. [1][2][3]

In the 1980's, Ray Harryhausen as brought up the movie as a consideration to multiple company's after the success of Clash of the Titans, however that would not succeed.

War Eagles reappeared as a section in the book "Harryhausen: The Lost Movies", made by filmmaker and Ray Harryhausen Foundation trustee John Walsh.


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