Super Atragon (1995) / Super Atragon: Part II (1996)

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Super Atragon / Super Atragon: Part II
The Japanese poster for Super Atragon
The Japanese VHS cover for Super Atragon: Part II
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png New Undersea Warship:
Zero Hours to Destruction
(1995) /
Flagicon Japan.png New Undersea Warship:
Memory of the Ocean
See alternate titles
Directed by Kazuyoshi Katayama (Super Atragon),
Mitsuo Fukuda (Super Atragon: Part II)
Producer Keiichi Sugiyama, Kazuyoshi Katayama,
Takeshi Serizawa (Super Atragon: Part II)
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Music by Masamichi Amano
Distributor TohoJP
Running time 52 minutes (Super Atragon)JP
46 minutes (Super Atragon: Part II)JP
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A crisis unprecedented to the Earth approaches! Now, a spirit of steel awakens!! (地球に未曾有の危機迫る!今、目覚める鋼鉄の魂!!)

Super Atragon tagline

It has revived from a long sleep, and begun to move at the bottom of the sea. They call it "Ra-goh", the great warship. It is the crisis of Mother Earth that awoke Ra-goh. Armed with the gigantic drill machine, it crosses the waters. The countdown to extinction has already started. Can Ra-goh save the Earth?

Super Atragon poster text

Super Atragon (新海底軍艦,   Shin Kaitei Gunkan, lit. New Undersea Warship) is a two-part OVA co-produced by Toho, Bandai, Kadokawa, King Records, Astro Vision, and Phoenix Entertainment. It is loosely based on the 1900 Japanese adventure novel The Undersea Warship: A Fantastic Tale of Island Adventure written by Shunro Oshikawa, as well as its 1963 tokusatsu adaptation Atragon.

The first part, simply titled Super Atragon (新海底軍艦 滅亡へのゼロアワー,   Shin Katei Gunkan Metsubō e no Zero Awā, lit. New Undersea Warship: Zero Hours to Destruction), was released in Japan direct-to-video in 1995, and the second part, Super Atragon: Part II (新海底軍艦 メモリー・オブ・オーシャン,   Shin Katei Gunkan Memorī obu Ōshan, lit. New Undersea Warship: Memory of the Ocean), in 1996.


Part I

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Part II

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Main article: Super Atragon/Credits.

Super Atragon

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Kazuyoshi Katayama
  • Written by   Nobuaki Kishima
  • Produced by   Keiichi Sugiyama, Kazuyoshi Katayama
  • Music by   Masamichi Amano
  • Production design by   Akira Furuya
  • Assistant directing by   Kaoru Suzuki
  • Special effects by   Yasuhiko Komori, Manabu Maekawa, Akira Yamamoto

English dub

  • Directed by   Matt Greenfield
  • Written by   Matt Greenfield
  • Produced by   Matt Greenfield
  • Executive Producers   John Ledford, Sharon Papa
  • Edited by   Gerald Brewer
  • Production Design by   Ruby Halipoto

Super Atragon: Part II

  • Directed by   Mitsuo Fukuda
  • Written by   Nobuaki Kishima
  • Produced by   Keiichi Sugiyama, Takeshi Serizawa, Kazuyoshi Katayama
  • Music by   Masamichi Amano
  • Production design by   Toru Koga


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Tomokazu Seki   as   Go Arisaka
  • Junko Iwao   as   Annette
  • Kikuko Inoue   as   Avatar / Satomi Arisaka
  • Tetsuro Sagawa   as   Magane Hyuga
  • Koji Shimizu   as   Mitsugu Kageyama
  • Shinsuke Chikaishi   as   Kotaro Nishimura
  • Kazuhiko Inoue   as   Stoner
  • Norio Otsuka   as   Masayoshi Tachibana
  • Yasunori Matsumoto   as   Masahi Hyuga
  • Kaneto Shiozawa   as   Young Mitsugu Kageyama
  • Masara Takashima   as   Shino Arisaka
  • Rin Mizuhara   as   Saib
  • Takehiro Murozono   as   Milias
  • Kazunobu Chiba   as   Hino
  • Koji Ochiai   as   Yoshioka
  • Kiyoyuki Yanada   as   Daniel Hamada
  • Kaori Yuasa   as   Young Go Arisaka
  • Hiroki Takahashi   as   Ichiro Mikoshiba
  • Kazuya Ichijo   as   Admiral Bogart
  • Gen Takamine   as   Old Masayoshi Tachibana / Controller
  • Masato Hijikata   as   Takano
  • Hideaki Ono   as   Chief

English dub

Main article: Super Atragon/Credits.
  • Aaron Krohn   as   Go Arisaka
  • Amanda Winn   as   Annette
  • Tiffany Grant   as   Avatar / Young Go Arisaka
  • Rob Mungle   as   Magane Hyuga
  • Robert Peeples   as   Mitsugu Kageyama
  • Brett Weaver   as   Young Mitsugu Kageyama
  • Richard Peeples   as   Kotaro Nishimura / Chief
  • Jason Lee   as   Stoner
  • Brian Granveldt   as   Young Masayoshi Tachibana
  • Tristan MacAvery   as   Old Masayoshi Tachibana / Admiral Bogart
  • Aaron Krohn   as   Masashi Hyuga
  • Marcy Rae   as   Shino Arisaka
  • Allison Keith   as   Saib
  • Doug Smith   as   Hino
  • Kurt Stoll   as   Yoshioka / Takano
  • Jeff Campbell, Jeff Gardner   as   UN recruits


Weapons, vehicles and races

  • Ra
  • Subterraneans
  • Liberty
  • Bell-Fortress
  • Indra
  • Hyoryu


Main article: Super Atragon/Gallery.


Main article: Super Atragon/Soundtrack.

Alternate titles

  • New Undersea Warship: Zero Hours to Destruction (新海底軍艦 滅亡へのゼロアワー; literal Japanese title, Super Atragon)
  • New Undersea Warship: Memory of the Ocean (新海底軍艦 メモリー・オブ・オーシャン; literal Japanese title, Super Atragon: Part II)
  • Super Atragon: The Motion Picture (English VHS title)


Video releases



ADV Films Super Atragon video trailer


  • Further entries in the series were intended to be created; however, they were ultimately never made.

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