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Anti-Godzilla Defense Headquarters symbol

Anti-Godzilla Defense Headquarters (特別G対策本部,   Tokubetsu jī taisaku honbu) Shortened as (特G対,   Toku jī tai) is a special task force of the JSDF that first appeared in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.


Millennium series

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

The Anti-Godzilla Defense Headquarters was established after Godzilla's second attack in Tokai village. They were first seen in 1996 when Godzilla attacked Osaka and they dispatched their "Anti-Godzilla Special Forces" armed with rocket launchers loaded with special B-10 Boron shells to neutralize Godzilla's radioactivity, however they did close to nothing to Godzilla who continued to slaughter the forces one by one, leaving only Kiriko Tsujimori and Tomoharu Okumura alive. 5 years later, the general manager of the Clean Energy Factory Motohiko Sugiura had organized a new combat unit within A.G.D HQ called G-Grasper.

Their headquarters is based in the basement level of the JSDF Shibaura branch on the coast of Tokyo Prefecture[1]. It is entered from a nearby building from the early Showa period that was a storehouse until 1997 when they converted it into their entrance building with a service elevator.


  • S01 (Search): to spot and track Godzilla using satellites and SGS probes.
  • S02 (Study): to better understand Godzilla's biology and behavior.
  • S03 (Shelter): to simulate evacuation and prevent casualty.
  • G-Grasper: the combat unit of A.G.D made up of three rangers who lure Godzilla to Dimension Tide using their V-TOL aircraft GX-813 Griffon, a spokesperson, and a radio operator.
  • S04 (Security): Armed with Howa Type-89 assault rifles, stationed inside the entrance warehouse.
  • MD (Medical): In case of injury inflicted by Godzilla to the G-Grasper team.
  • First Research Labratory: Where the Dimension Tide was developed.
  • Training center: Where the G-Grasper team get in shape.



The A.G.D symbol is present on Sugiura's hard hat


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  1. In the film's canon, Tokyo never became a Megalopolis when Osaka became the capital, but instead always remained a Prefecture.