King Kong (The LEGO Batman Movie)

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King Kong incarnations
King Kong (Universal)
King Kong (The LEGO Batman Movie)
King Kong (Ready Player One)
King Kong (The LEGO Batman Movie)
King Kong in The LEGO Batman Movie
Species Giant ape
Allies The Joker, Harley Quinn, Gremlins, Wicked Witch of the West, Flying Monkeys, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, Skeletons, T.Rex, Velociraptor, Jaws' shark, Daleks, Lord Vampyre, The Mummy, The Swamp Creature, The Kraken, Medusa, Agent Smith
Enemies Batman, Dick Grayson, Alfred, Barbara
Played by Seth Green
First appearance The LEGO Batman Movie
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He likes long, violent walks on historic builds. It's King Kong!

— The Joker (The LEGO Batman Movie)

King Kong is a giant ape that appeared in the 2017 superhero film, The LEGO Batman Movie. He was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone along with other notorious villains of the LEGO multiverse.


For be a giant being, Kong's body is constituted by several LEGO® bricks, his head is build to represent a gorilla head with red glowing eyes, while his body shape is build to resemble a body piece from a LEGO® minifigure with a gorilla-like chest and belly.


King Kong was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, though it's unclear how he was sent there.


King Kong was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone along with other notorious villains of the LEGO multiverse. He was one of the villains freed by the Joker as part of his plan to exact revenge on Batman and destroy Gotham City. Kong was defeated when Robin crashed the Batmobile into his face, knocking him unconscious into the water.


Physical strength

Kong is one of the strongest villains freed from the Phantom Zone, being able to crumble a large building and dismantle the Scuttler without trouble.


In addition to possessing formidable strength, Kong is surprisingly agile for a creature of his size, although far less than most of his other incarnations. He is able to scale to jump incredibly high, climb buildings and run at high speeds



The LEGO Batman Movie

Video Games

  • LEGO Dimensions: The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) - Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox 360



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