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Alternate names Gojira, King of the Monsters, Planet Savior
Species Giant Irradiated Prehistoric Reptile
Height 100 meters
Length 200 meters
Weight 60.000 tons
Forms Default Form, Powered-Up Form, Meltdown Form
Relations Godzilla Jr. (Father)
Allies Godzilla Jr, King Caesar, Mothra, Baragon, Jet Jaguar
Enemies Anguirus, Battra, Biollante, Gamera, Gorosaurus, Hedorah, Keizer Ghidorah, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Monster X, Megalon, Megaguirus, MechaGodzilla, MOGUERA, Varan, Rodan, Zilla, Orga, SpaceGodzilla,
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|} Godzilla is a Giant Monster and protector of the earth. TBA


Godzilla's origin is now fully known, people know that he is a prehistoric reptile hit by an Atomic Bomb in 1954. But other countries assume that Godzilla is a apex predator that has been living on Earth for around 300 million years.


Godzilla was first spotted November 3rd, 1954 and is since then feared and worshipped by different people. When a Japanese scientist dropped a bomb called The Oxygen Destroyer, the military thought they killed him, but 80 years later: April 13nd, 2034, Godzilla was spotted in New York City. He destroyed the city, but was later interupted by the U.S. Army. Godzilla then demiloshed the military and the jets. TBA...