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Image gallery for MosuFan2005/Sandbox/Nerscylla

Nerscylla in Monster Hunter
Species Temnocerans
Height 3 meters[1]
Relations Eggs and hatchlings (offspring)
Allies Other Nerscylla
Enemies Humans
First appearance Monster Hunter
More roars

Nerscylla (ネルスキュラ,   Nerusukyura) are arachnid kaiju featured in the 2020 film, Monster Hunter. They are based on the monster species of the same name from the Capcom Monster Hunter video game franchise.




the overall body plan of the Nerscylla resembles arachnids such as spiders unlike spiders they appear to only have six limbs which a characteristic seen in insects rather than arachnids which comprise of four legs and two front arms which resemble raptorial legs seen in mantids and possess an abdomen stinger Multiple Individual Nerscylla appear to have differences between them including the arrangement of spikes coming out of the back as well as some appear to be draped in a coating that appears to be skin from other creatures while others lack this coat, to coloration where most appear to have black colored heads with black eyes however one individual notably appears to have a pale white head with blue eyes which closer resembles its videogame counterpart however a couple major differences in the overall head anatomy such as the arrangement of eyes which appear to be three on each side of their heads rather than three eyes that cluster together near the front of the face as well as large fangs on the top jaw are noticeable whilst the bottom jaw appears to split in half creating mandibles



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Tranquilizing Stinger venom

Prey Cocooning


Physical capabilities


Nerscylla appears to have two methods of reproduction as seen with a cluster of eggs wrapped in a strange cocoon like growth hanging from ceiling of the hive while the second method appears to be parasitic as seen when a surviving lincoln is found complaining of chest pains the cause is revealed as having multiple boil like eggs on the side of his Torso hatch into numerous tiny spiders


Nerscylla have displayed an aversion to sunlight refusing to come out during the day to hunt preferring a nocturnal lifestyle they also appear to be harmed by fire after multiple individuals was set aflame by artemis which the burning creatures panicked and squirmed however one individual was shown to still pursue artemis while on fire but was deterred when leftover bullets was tossed onto the creatures flaming carapace setting off small explosive reactions

Nerscyllas carapace is unable to protect it from the oversized blade of the hunters greatsword as shown when a single jump down vertical slice was able to bisect one of the Spider monsters head in half with ease



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