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This article was created after the release of the Two anime timeline videos on the Wikizilla Youtube Channel. a link will be provided to the two videos below the timeline


Kamacuras was the first Monster to make landfall in New York City, destroying the World Trade Center and leaving a ward of NY in ruins, and because the attack was in a densely populated area, the response was delayed. meanwhile, the subway systems of NY were crawling with Kamacuras larvae preying on people. ultimately, 2.5M people would lose their lives in the attack. Kamacuras was finally killed near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, exactly 3 day after the New York attack with Bunker Busters.

the same year, a colony of sludge-like microorganisms was discovered in the port of Hebei, China and fed on the chemicals in the water, to where it was studied and converted to a Bioweapon


Dogora was the second monster to attack humanity, this time in London. the first contact with humanity for Dogora would be with the Russian space station Mir in the atmosphere. no conventional weaponry was able to ward away or kill the beast as it had absorbed the thermal energy from those attacks, then moved to Manchester, where it would finally be defeated after the UK and EU mass-produced a gas containing the active ingredient in spider venom, but by this time, major British landmarks would've been destroyed such as the Big Ben and The Tower Of London after 48 hours, and 3.8M where either wounded or killed by the attack.

Just two days after Dogora's defeat, Kamoebas 1 appeared in the Philippines. another, Kamoebas 2 had appeared in Guam


3 years after the triple monster bout in 2002, Anguirus came out of the ice-cold soil of Siberia, while Rodan appeared from Paektu Mountain in Manchuria, to which the both of them had came together and attacked the Chinese capitol of Beijing, to which the Chinese responded with their very own monster, codenamed, Hedorah. Hedorah was able to kill both Anguirus and Rodan in Beijing, but went Rogue, and destroyed Beijing and Tianjin overnight, then vanished after consuming all the pollutants in the area. 8.2M people where lost in the attack and resulted damage to the Hebei province.


a year after Operation Hedorah had commenced, a second, Anguirus 2 had appeared in South Africa. its whereabouts are unknown


Gabara was discovered torturing and killing local wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest by Adventurer Albert Ichiro Santos. when it was injured by the thermite explosion set off supposedly by the group, it fell into the Amazon River and was eaten by Crocodiles and Pirañas, killing the monster.

the same year, Megalon had appeared on the west coast of Africa and proceeded to destroy many small nations across his rampage.


Around the year 2015, the world started to unite against the monsters, with the USS Saratoga killing Ebirah 3 in the Pacific Ocean

in 2017, Dagahra had appeared in the South Pacific, and Made Contact with the American nuclear submarine "Seawolf". 2 weeks pass, and the US Navy, along with the USS Saratoga had attacked Dagahra near American Samoa and injured him, but could not kill him due to the presence of Barem in the waters. a month pass, and Barem had arrived at Pago Pago, American Samoa, kill 18K people from bacterial infection. on Christmas Day, Dagahra had made landfall at Sydney and begun his rampage across Australia. the Australian Navy did not engage him out of fear of Barem getting in the waters. Daghara had destroyed Sydney and moved onto Newcastle, where the government was thrown into utter chaos, and gave the decision to attack Dagarha. they were successful in fatally injuring him, but he flew out to sea where he died, and released huge amounts of Barem, giving way to a pandemic known as "The Red Christmas Scourge" which by 2018, had ended the lives of 3M people. with no cure for Barem, and receiving no foreign aid, the collapse of Australia was imminent, and it eventually did. Dagarha's attack had resulted in the deaths of 6.7M people.

in the late 2010s, many northern africans feared Megalon and tried fleeing to Europe across the Mediterranean, but Gezora had appeared in the sea, hindering refugee movements across the Mediterranean.


a flock of Griffons had appeared in Egypt and unsuccessful attempts to rid the early Griffons had resulted more and more appearing before the fall of Cairo.


in 2022 Megalon had appeared in South Africa and destroyed it. this resulted in the population of the African continent being cut in half, with an educated guess of around 350M people fleeing Africa for refuge in Europe or the Middle East.

in May the same year, Orga landed at Izmir, Turkey, which was the biggest refugee hotspot for African refugees. the Turkish Army's response was delayed because of refugees and had reached Ankara before finally being killed. the estimated death toll for all groups was 11.15M dead.

also, Manda had appeared in the Atlantic Ocean, which was his domain until 2032


Maguma had appeared in North Korea and began moving towards Seoul, South Korea. as he was on his way, the US had launched a tactical Nuclear Warhead at Maguma killing it, and marking the first and only time a Nuclear weapon had been used against a monster.


Throughout the time period marked above, the Giant Octopus would be regularly be sinking ships across the Pacific Ocean, whilst two new Monsters had appeared in the Atlantic, those being Gezora and Ganimes, as well as Manda who still called the ocean his territory.

in 2029, Rodan 2 had attacked Kyushu, Japan

the same year, Megalon, who ravaged Africa 10 years prior, destroyed Pakistan and India, both of them recovering from a nuclear war between each other. he next attacked the Philippines, then moved to Japan, where he attacked Okinawa, but was slain by King Caesar who was the guardian deity of the city


On May 29th, 2030, Kamoebas 4 washed ashore, dead, on Odo Island. Dr. Kyohei Yamane had stated that it was most likely killed by a larger predator, which he dubbed "Godzilla" after a mythological dragon from the islands folklore.

later the same year, Godzilla, along with Anguirus 4, Varan 2, and Baragon 2, would make landfall at Los Angles, with the 3 other monsters being slain at the hands of Godzilla. he also destroyed Los Angles and San Francisco resulting in 8.6M deaths before returning to the Pacific Ocean.


In December of 2031, Godzilla made landfall at Seattle, where he easily broke through the defense line at Colorado Springs, and in fear of Godzilla, had launched 150 Nuclear warheads at Godzilla in Indianapolis. Godzilla had not been harmed by the warheads, but the city of Indianapolis was leveled by the Nuclear Warheads, and sank under the Gulf of Mexico.

In the same year, Kumonga and multiple Kamacuras were reported in the Midwest of the US, following the wake of Godzilla's raid. The World population by 2031 had dwindled down to about 2.3B


Godzilla had appeared on the west coast of France, and began to destroy Western Europe as he rampaged across the continent, to which he sank under the Arctic Ocean.


Godzilla rose from the Black Sea and rampaged across France before slipping under the waters off the coast of western France.


Around this timespan, more ships would be sunken than the Giant Octopus would sink, including an unknown country's nuclear submarine, by Godzilla. also in the Late 2030s, a flock of Rodan had appeared over the skies of Rome, and had claimed the peninsula for themselves, preying on anyone they could find.

In 2035, the Exif had made it to earth and began to make contact with the humans in New York, hoping to gain their trust and settle on the planet.

In 2036, the Bilusaludo had made contact with the humans over the skies of London, hoping to seek refuge for a new home planet, after theirs was sucked in by a black hole.

That same year, Megaguirus and flocks of Rodan had appeared in Siberia and preyed on refugees leaving on the railways.

In 2037, Battra had awoken in an unknown spot in South America, detecting the Gorath Asteroid, but was intercepted by Godzilla, and fought twice, the second bout ultimately killing Battra, and Godzilla disappeared into the Arctic Ocean.

That same year, one of Godzilla's severed Dorsal Plates washed ashore in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. it was transported to the UN Anti-Godzilla Biological Protection Facility in Antarctica. Dr. Tokumitsu Yuhara, who was working under Dr. Wilhelm Kirchner, had found Battra's DNA attached to Godzilla's Dorsal Fin and found it similar to moth DNA. they named him Monster M and launched a worthless search for him, believing that he was able to kill Godzilla (even though he died to him). Dr. Yuhara became concerned about the work he did with the G-Cells, believing Dr. Kircher might be trying to clone Godzilla. When the Bilusaludo obtained the G-Cells, Dr. Yuhara warned about the dangers of weaponizing G-Cells.

in 2038, Japanese amateur astronomers discovered Gorath. it wasn't taken seriously as the United earth was overconfident of its technological powers after retaking Europe from the monsters. The Bilusaludo had neglected Gorath entirely, wanting to focus on earth's monsters instead.

In 2039, the Earth Union, comprised of Human, Exif, and Bilusaludo minds was formed in the wake of the commotion. with this new union, new technology such as Powered Suits, Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, and Jet Jaguar (Jaguar J) were constructed with Bilusaludo aid, to be used against the monsters.

That same year, Operation Eternal Light was launched in order to reclaim the Atlantic from the monsters. The underwater battleship "Goten" under the command of Captain Jinguji and Unberto Mori, engaged Manda in the Strait of Dover and killed him. Gezora was also killed in the Mediterranean, which was his territory since the 2010s.

Also in 2039, Biollante was rooting in Normandy, France, where the underground combat vehicle MOGUERA killed Biollante by destroying her nucleus in her root cavity.

In October of 2039, the French Government stated they had killed Godzilla in Rouen, after killing what appeared to be Godzilla. it was quickly disproven and named Zilla, to which it was found out that it had played hundreds of eggs, to which they hatched and grew quickly, overrunning Rouen. while very challenging, G-Force eventually killed the Zilla's in a span of two months, which they were susceptible to conventional weaponry, but were capable of aesexual reproduction.

Meanwhile in Paris, Gorosaurs had rose from the ground following the king of the monster's attack on the city. he was eventually killed in December of 2039 by the combined force of G-Force and the Bilusaludo.


in 2040, a Japanese astronomer named Dr. Tajiri had predicted that Gorath would collide with earth in 2042, and he had stated that it had an abnormal path, which gave it almost like a mind of its own. Some scientists had theorized that Gorath was a space monster in disguise.


in 2041, the United Earth had found no way to alter Gorath's Path, and had declared it "The Greatest Threat to Humanity" as plans were put into place to flee earth before Gorath had collided with earth and set up a space base somewhere in the solar system


Godzilla had resurfaced after 5 years of hiding in the Arctic. Using energy he stored up during his 5-year rest, he obliterated Gorath using his Atomic Breath, now a more red and spiral form. the United Earth's plans had changed dramatically after seeing what Godzilla can do, fully.

That same year, Godzilla would begin his 2 year long rampage across the Atlantic Rim, destroying the United Earth's Naval fleet during Operation Renaissance, and appear at the United Earth's then-capitol, New York, and destroyed it overnight, with the two Markalite Cannons they built, which were the most powerful artillery the United Earth had to offer, hadn't worked. in Operation Prometheus, the Exif and Bilusaludo had overloaded the fusion reactors of their motherships in an attempt to kill Godzilla, of which he lived through that, but the city of Cleveland, Ohio, was leveled.

the same year, with the threat of Godzilla increasing, the United Earth approved "Project: Mechagodzilla" and began to build the ultimate Anti-Godzilla weapon to mimic the King of the Monsters. everything not needed for the construction of the Oratio and Aratrum were used for Project: Mechagodzilla. with it being constructed in a facility near Hamamatsu, Japan on the foot of Mt. Fuji. the Project involved both Human and Bilusaludo scientists and was spearheaded by Bilusaludo Technical Officer Mulu-Elu Galu-Gu. the United Earth had released 4 propaganda films showing the world the existence of Mechagodzilla and had hailed the machine as "The Last Hope of Mankind". the first one was basically an anime retcon of Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla.

The same year, the provisional government was moved near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and construction began on the Oratio and Aratrum.


Godzilla had attacked the US East Coast, Northern Africa, and half of Eurasia, ultimately calculating up to >300M dead in the span of 2 years, and had appeared 8 separate times.

in 2043, with Project Mechagodzilla underway, humanity began preparations for Operation Great Wall, which was a plan made to trap Godzilla under a fault in the Himalayas by detonating 2,000 Nuclear Warheads at once, then once the Nanometal was released into the fault, Godzilla would be trapped in the fault. United Earth Engineers working on the preparations accidentally woke up Baragon to which it attacked them. whatever happened to it is unknown.

in 2044, to buy time for Project: Mechagodzilla, United Earth had launched Operation Long March, which was a plan to prevent Godzilla from going into the water so he could be tracked, and to lure Godzilla deeper into Eurasia. the plan was launched initially in Africa, where they had to face multiple threats, such as a flock of Griffon, a mischief of Giant Rats, a Giant Condor, a swarm of Kamacuras, a cluster of Kumonga, a static swarm of Meganula, and a Rodan which might have been an individual who strayed far from the flock in Rome. by this time, the United Earth had so little manpower, they began to use child soldiers. also there were nearly no more Bilusaludo mechanics, which meant that there where almost no one who knew how to repair the super weapons in Eurasia. Operation Long March had crossed over with Operation LTF (Let Them Fight), a project based in the Ogasawara Islands which aimed at the possibility to use and control the Monsters and use them to fight other monsters. Multiple Titanosauruses (2 at least) were used in the operation against Godzilla. The United Earth had found a more effective weapon in the form of Gigan, who was found hibernating on the ocean floor off the coast of Siberia. Gigan resembled a cross between an aquatic dinosaur and a bird, with a scaly texture on his body. he could fly and had a long sickle-shaped claw on the end of his forelimbs. the United Earth captured Gigan and modified and controlled him using Human and Bilusaludo technology. Gigan's first Monster opponent came in the form of Godzilla at Suez, Egypt. he lost both of his arms in the fight that lasted 72 hours, but he succeeded in bringing Godzilla from Africa into Eurasia. he was given sickles for his lost arms and faced him again in Baku, Azerbaijan. here his eyes would be damaged, only for them to be taken out and replaced with a single visor which also doubled as a laser. his beak was damaged which was also replaced. this continued as he battled Godzilla across Southern Asia at Ashgabat, Samarkand, and Kashgar. as he fought and lost body parts, he was becoming more and more machine then monster. his sickles were replaced with hyper-vibrating chainsaws, homing missile launchers were installed on his arms, and gave him a blade launcher which was a prototype for use for Mechagodzilla. Gigan had saved the lives of many United Earth soldiers during Operation Long March. during a battle in Yarkant, China, Godzilla had crushed Gigans wings, arms, and head. United Earth soldiers disobeyed orders and ran into the battle to save Gigan until the Bilusaludo had sent one of their Bilusaludo UFOs to beam him up.

by 2044 only 1.02B people were still alive.


In 2045, continuing with Operation Long March, the Bilusaludo had injected Gigan with experimental Nanometal which had allowed him to regenerate, and sent him into battle in Hotan, China to fight Godzilla for the last time. he engaged Godzilla and the king of the monsters retaliated with a Spiral Heat Ray, obliterating Gigan and leaving no trace of him behind. Michael N. Hunter, a United Earth Medic who served in Operation Long March had gotten one of Gigans scales and vowed to return it to Siberia to commemorate his sacrifice to save humanity.

in the same year, Operation Great Wall was commenced in order to trap Godzilla underground. while they were commencing Operation Great Wall, they were menaced by a group of Meganulon that preyed upon the humans, while the Rodan that preyed upon the bug monsters also preyed upon the humans. another Gorosaurus had broken out of the ground and had also terrorized the humans. Manda had also appeared in the Persian Gulf. despite this, the 2K Nuclear Warheads were detonated in the Himalayas, opening a large fault that trapped Godzilla in the mountain for at least a year.


Godzilla broke free of the mountain trap from Operation Great Wall by using his Atomic Breath, then broke through the Indian Defense Line, killing 200M people, before fleeing into the Bay of Bengal.

In the same year, Humanity and the Bilusaludo began construction on Mechagodzilla as it being the ultimate anti-godzilla weapon, in Hamamatsu, Japan. Godzilla Arrived at Hamamatsu in March and battled the United Earth stationed there, but defeated them easily. he destroyed the area holding Mechagodzilla. after that, Godzilla marched to Tokyo unopposed and completely destroyed the city in 3 hours before disappearing. after Tokyo was obliterated, the United Earth was almost finished with the interstellar emigration program they were working on

by 2046 700M people are still alive


In 2047, a group of scientists working at the now abandoned North American Hedorah Research Facility led by Dr. Ijuin, began research on their very own monster capable of killing Godzilla. they were inspired by a rumor that the king had been killed by a device known as the Oxygen Destroyer off the coast of France 10 years prior, and that the monster that destroyed Gorath was another member of the same species, and the creator, Dr. Serizawa, believed that war between the Humans, The Exif, and the Bilusaludo was imminent after the monsters were defeated. the rumor states that the killed himself along with Godzilla and had destroyed his research so that it wouldn't be used in the following war. Ijuin had focused on a colony of microorganisms designated "J-MO7" which was found in the Tokyo area of Japan, which he thought was connected to Serizawa's device. while the research was happening, the microbes began combining with each other until they formed an aggregate form. the current stage of J-MO7 was red and bore striking resemblance to crustaceans, which made the scientists theorize that it was a subspecies of Gamines that travels from the Bering Sea into North America. The aggregate had killed all the scientists but Kane Hilter, who locked himself away in a shelter from the aggregate and made an email to Akira Sakaki to tell him what happened to the project, and also to tell him that he made up the story about the Oxygen Destroyer to calm down a rioting world. he sent the message just as the aggregate melted the door to the shelter and killed him. with North America lost, there could be no more investigation into J-MO7 (Destoroyah).


In 2048, the Oratio had successfully launched.

in march that same year, Godzilla had surfaced at Rio De Janeiro, and destroyed the Space Port JSS-3. two days pass, and Godzilla broke through the UE's defense line guarding Rio, seeking out the Aratrum. the only thing keeping him from destroying the ships launch pad was a Nuclear Warhead detonated on him. nevertheless, he destroyed a landing ship, killing several people. Akira Sakaki, and his wife Haruka, were presumed dead in the explosion, but they survived. The Aratrum departed, with their son Haruo Sakaki aboard and under the care of Daichi Tani.


after 22 years of space travel, they find Tau Ceti-E's atmosphere uninhabitable for humans, so Captain Haruo Sakaki and a group of people named the "Earth Returnists" seize political control of the ship and demand they return to Earth to reclaim it from Godzilla. they use the experimental hyperdrive to instantly jump to Earth


after jumping out of hyperspace, they find Earth had changed drastically to accommodate Godzilla.