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Queen of the Kong
The Boy Who Cried Godzilla/Sandbox/Da Queen
Species Giant ape
Allies Tagatu
First appearance Kong on the Planet of the Apes Issue 1
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She was many things. A ruler. A governance to those whom law did not apply. We do not believe her power emerged solely on instinct. She was a protector. For countless generations we lived together in delicate harmony--we proved our loyalties with a relationship forged in trust, respect... and fear. We knew what each other was capable of. It brought us together. Her death is an immeasurable loss to the balance of this island. She was the last queen of the Kong

— The Tagatu Storyteller to the Simian visitors.

The last queen of the Kong was an ancient female Kong who lived on Skull Island for hundreds of years before her death, who appears in the first two issues of the 2017 BOOM! Studios crossover comic series, Kong on the Planet of the Apes. She was a defender of the Tagatu people, but died due to unknown causes.

Origins[edit | edit source]

While she washes ashore in the forbidden zone seeping blood from her nose and mouth and missing her right eye, her death is never depicted, making it unknown how she died, or if she was killed because of her injuries or if she sustained them while floating across the sea. The Tagatu do not seem to have been aware of her death prior to the Simian expedition's arrival.

Comics[edit | edit source]

Kong on the Planet of the Apes[edit | edit source]

Death Becomes Them[edit | edit source]

In the year 3978, the body of the last female Kong washed ashore in what was once New York City. She was bloodied and missing her right eye. While on a mission to destroy the remains of the Statue of Liberty in a ploy to keep ape-kind oblivious to the fact that they were living on a planet once dominated by humans, a gorilla soldier under the command of Ursus came to fetch Doctor Zaius, who summoned doctors Zira and Cornelius to study her corpse. They were put in charge of her autopsy, which they accomplished by parting her skin with hooks and ropes while the doctors stood on her chest to examine the work. The apes referred to her as “The god” and Ursus was in favor of building her a shrine as opposed to dissecting her. Apes used large two-man blades to slice off her hands, and over time all of her flesh was removed from her body. Within her stomach, Zira found foreign plants and bones that helped them to locate Skull Island. In three days time they were ready to set sail, and Ursus, wanting to return the god to her holy land, mounted her skull to the mast of their ship, lamenting that they could not bring the rest of her dismembered body as well. They traveled to “Warm Water Island”, in what was once Kenya from which they set out for Skull Island. When the ship arrived, it was attached from the sea and sky by a giant cephalopod and giant Pteranodons.

Return of the King[edit | edit source]

When the apes got onto the island, Zira discovered a mural depicting humans worshiping a Kong, which Zira assumed was the god. When they were found by the native Tagatu people, Zira and Cornelius met with the Storyteller, who told them of the female, whom she called “The last queen of the Kong”, and her life as the protector of her people, and battles against reptile monsters. However, the simians left her skull on the island, while taking a male home in her place.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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