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Kong (The Animated Series)
Kong in Top of the World
Mega Kong
Alternate names The Protector, Bro
Subtitle(s) The Protector
Species Giant Atlantean ape / Human hybrid[1]
Height 12 meters[2]
Forms Cyber-Kong, Mega Kong
Controlled by Jason Jenkins
Relations Jason Jenkins, Lorna Jenkins, the original King Kong (cell source)
Allies Jason Jenkins, Lua, Lorna Jenkins, Yeti, Nyssa
Enemies Ramone De La Porta, Tyrannosaurus rex, Chiros, Harpy, Onimous, Various Cyber-Link Mutants, Velociraptor
Played by Kirby McNeil (voice)
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: The Animated Series episode 1:
"The Return: Part 1"
Kong: Return to the Jungle

Kong is a giant ape monster created featured in the 2000 BKN International animated series, Kong: The Animated Series. He was cloned from the original Kong by Dr. Lorna Jenkins using added DNA from her grandson Jason Jenkins.

This genetic link allows them to use Dr. Jenkins' Cyber-Link computer to merge their consciousnesses into a single body, be it Jason's or Kong's. This allows for the merged Kong to take on Jason's intelligence in battle, or for Kong to shrink into Jason's body to travel discreetly at the cost of him taking on Kong's aggression and impulsivity. During battle, Kong's rage may overtake Jason's consciousness and become Mega Kong, a gigantic version of himself with increased strength and diminished rationality.



After the defeat of the original Kong in New York City, Dr. Lorna Jenkins used a sample of his DNA to clone a new Kong, which she raised alongside her grandson Jason Jenkins, until Ramone De La Porta broke into her lab to steal her research on the Primal Stones of the Elements and saw Kong. At that point, Kong was moved from North America to Kong Island, where his ancestor had been taken from years before. In the time of the original Kong's absence, he was thought dead by some, and dismissed as a legend by younger generations. People that encounter Kong for the first time usually mistake him for his ancestor, believing him to be still alive after his rampage in New York.


Kong: The Animated Series

"The Return: Part 1"

After being forced to move to Kong Island,

Kong: King of Atlantis

Kong: Return to the Jungle

He goes to new york and does not die. He kicks the butt of Rip Hunter III.


Physical capabilities

To be added.

Genetic memory

To be added.


Through the use of Dr. Lorna Jenkin's Cyber-Link Computer, Kong can merge with Jason Jenkins to become a Cyber-Link Mutant with Kong's strength and Jason's strategizing ability. The form does come with certain risks. Kong can become part of Jason's body just as Jason can become part of his, and carrying Kong's consciousness inside of his own can prove very stressful and exhausting for Jason. Kong is often reluctant to Merge, as he greatly dislikes losing total control of his actions, and if he is not ready or totally willing to merge he may push Jason's will aside in favor of his own.


Should the rage in Jason and Kong's hearts be sufficient, Cyber-Kong will grow to twice his normal size, gain considerable strength and become Mega-Kong. While Mega-Kong can be an extreme help in battle, Neither Kong's nor Jason's consciousness controls it: It runs solely on rage and instinct, making Mega-Kong highly unstable and liable to hurt his allies.

Video games


Main article: King Kong/2000/Gallery.


Kong's roars are provided by the voice actor Kirby McNeil.



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