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Last Kong
The Boy Who Cried Godzilla/Sandbox/PotA Kong
Species Giant ape
Allies Tagatu
Enemies Simians
First appearance Kong on the Planet of the Apes Issue 1

The unnamed last member of the Kong species was a male Kong who lived on Skull Island. He first appears as a teaser on the final pages of the first issue of the 2017 BOOM! Studios crossover comic series, Kong on the Planet of the Apes.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The King was worshipped by the human population of Skull Island alongside the Queen.

Comics[edit | edit source]

Kong on the Planet of the Apes[edit | edit source]

Death Becomes Them[edit | edit source]

As many smaller apes arrived on Skull Island for the first time, Kong uprooted a tree and roared on a cliffside.

Return of the King[edit | edit source]

When drums beat out and offerings were gathered, the King arrived at the Tagatu village to receive them. He enjoyed the gathered fruit but on seeing three Simian visitors from beyond the island, looking like a cross between himself and his human subjects. In confusion and awe he reached out a finger to touch the outstretched hand of Dr. Zaius.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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