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King Kong incarnations
King Kong (Universal)
Kong (Kong: King of the Apes)
King Kong (MonsterVerse)
Kong (Kong: King of the Apes)
Kong in Kong: King of the Apes
Kong as a child in Kong: King of the Apes
Kong as a baby in Kong: King of the Apes
Species Giant gorilla
Weight 30-65 tons[1]
Forms Baby, juvenile, adult
Allies Lukas Remy
Enemies Biono-bots
Played by Lee Tockar (voice)
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Kong: King of the Apes
episode 23, "Battle Royale"

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Kong is a giant gorilla monster who appears in the 2016 Netflix original animated series, Kong: King of the Apes. He was thought to be one of the last apes of any kind still living in the wild upon his capture in 2039. Unlike most gorillas, Kong began to grow exponentially and as an adult, he was framed for the destruction of his home on Alcatraz Island, which earned him infamy in the eyes of the world until news footage of his heroism and Richard Remy's admission of guilt, making him more publicly heroic.

Design[edit | edit source]

To be added.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Kong was believed to be the last gorilla left alive in the wild at the time of his discovery by two poachers, who had arranged to sell him to an unidentified buyer in San Francisco for ten million dollars. Even as a baby, Kong exhibited immense strength and was able to escape from captivity. Furthermore, he began to experience exponential growth a short way into his life, and grew to well over average size of a typical ape.

History[edit | edit source]

Kong: King of the Apes[edit | edit source]

"The Adventure Begins"[edit | edit source]

in the year 2039, two poachers named Brag and Wheeler had taken the infant Kong from parts unknown and arranged arranged for his sale to an unidentified buyer in San Francisco for ten million dollars. 15 minutes before they reached their destination, Kong bent the bars and broke free of his cage and in their attempts to get him back under control, crashed their helicopters into the California redwood forests. Kong ran from them and their tranquilizer darts, but quickly found himself cornered at the base of a cliff. Fortunately for the young ape, both poachers ran out of darts. As they reloaded, a boy named Lukas Remy coaxed Kong into a hollow log to escape. The poachers shot after the pair, but were scared off when the police arrived. Lukas then took Kong to his father Leo, and his brother Richard Remy, neither of whom were immediately willing to accept the new addition to their family, but their father war persuaded. Lukas then decided to give his new pet a name, and when the ape made noises sounding like "kong", he was given the name Kong.

Back in San Francisco, Kong was introduced to the Remy family's housekeeper Anita, who was initially fearful of the young ape, but his liking for her cookies, and her saving the last one for her quickly changed her mind. Kong played with the Remy boys, but never quite earned Richard's affection. While being introduced to the concept of playing catch, the infant Kong once again displayed his immense strength, which was luckily not enough to hurt the boys. As time went on, Kong began to grow exponentially, and quickly grew too big to live on the houseboat. One night Kong began to grow so fast that it was easily observable to the naked eye, and he actually managed to grow through the deck, and break the boat apart from the inside. This mishap attracted the attention of the police, who demanded that he be detained until a judge could decide his fate. Unwilling to comply, Lukas rode on Kong's back as he fled back to the redwoods, where Dr. Remy had purchased a house in order to keep Kong for longer. After a successful relocation, Remy made Lukas promise that he would keep Kong out of his laboratory, and the two began construction of their secret treehouse hideout. One day, while Lukas and Leo were in town on an errand, Kong noticed Richard entering the lab unsupervised, which he had been forbidden from doing. Kong tried to stop him, but Richard took advantage of his incredibly low intelligence by pretending to see his brother over Kong's shoulder and snuck in anyway. Kong watched with concern through the laboratory window, but was powerless to stop Richard from using a dangerous laser and exploding the lab. Kong broke through the window and braved the fire to save Richard, who ultimately survived. Rather than show gratitude to his savior, Richard opted to frame Kong for his accident, but the truth quickly came out.

Ten years later, Kong was fully grown and lived hidden in the redwood forest with Dr. Remy and Anita. One day, three campers got lost in a storm near Edgewood Ravine, a location that Kong and Lukas had hiked together as kids before discovering how unstable the ground there was. Lukas returned home with his partner Jonesy to search for them. Kong then slipped away into the forest and went to the ravine, where he climbed up the rocks and nearly slipped off, but was able to place the two children onto his shoulder before a landslide sent their father tumbling over the edge. Kong caught the man in his foot and then allowed himself to fall with the rocks and let them entomb him and the hikers at the bottom of the cliff, and broke out after the rockslide had stopped. In the morning, Kong and the hikers arrived back at the Remys' house and in doing so, revealed himself to the larger public. Kong quickly became a media sensation, which reignited Richard's hatred, and caused many people to call for the potentially dangerous Kong's termination, but the California governor opted not to, due to immense support for Kong's heroism. However, the authorities did feel the need to capture Kong, and he was not on board with this idea, and posed a real threat to the police who tried to capture him until Anita came and threatened never to give him cookies again if he did not put the policemen down. Kong's compliance allowed Dr. Remy to reach an agreement with the police commissioner to allow Kong to stay on Alcatraz Island. A large climbing tower was erected for him there, and he enjoyed showing off and performing for tourists and sightseers gathered on the California coast. However, shortly after Richard and his robotic girlfriend Botila arrived, an intruder alert sounded off, and Kong leapt from his tower to apprehend the trespassers. They turned out to be Dr. Amy Quon, an anthropoid primate veterinarian, and her younger brother Danny, who could talk to animals, and was able to translate Kong's sass toward Richard. The Remys opted to allow Amy to stay, and Kong immediately befriended Danny. The government mandated that Kong wear a control collar, which delivered electric shocks when tugged at, and while Kong was not pleased with it, he stopped trying to take it off after an electrical shock caused Danny to fall from his shoulder. Shortly thereafter, a crane carrying beams for the island's refit into a zoo dropped its load, and Kong rolled over the ground and swept the three endangered workers out from underneath them and began to fit the beams together. Construction progressed, and in time Richard unveiled a Biono-bot pterodactyl, which began to menace Danny until Kong punched it out of the sky. When the park opened, Kong entertained the delighted visitors.

Nearly one year later, Dr. Remy passed away, and Kong and the others all mourned his loss. Shortly after, Lukas returned to the island with a rescued Liger and her cub. Kong and Danny came off of Kong tower to see her, but she became defensive of her cub and Danny had to speak with her to get her to open up to Kong's presence. He was even able to bottlefeed the baby. Some time later, Kong was highly irritated by high frequency sounds emitting from his control collar and became angry and violent. He broke out of his habitat and fought himself to avoid hurting anyone. Inside the Biono-bot dinosaur exhibit, Kong was attacked by various Biono-botic dinosaurs, all of which he was able to best. He then made his way to the monorail track and began to swing across to the mainland, but he was attacked partway by the Biono-bot giant squid, which dragged him underwater. Kong was able to resurface and continued onto the Golden Gate bridge, where military planes and police boats awaited. They refrained from firing, but Richard sent another pterodactyl to menace him while turning up the irritation on his collar. Kong scaled one of the bridge's towers before Lukas dropped in from his helicopter and told Kong to meet him at their secret hideout from when they were kids. Kong obeyed, and soon all of his friends arrived. However, when they got word that the ligers from the park had escaped, they used tracking chips to locate them at a military warehouse. They waited there a moment before Kong spotted Brag and Wheeler working with Botila to steal crates from inside and attacked. Three pterodactyls swarmed him but were quickly dispatched before he turned on the poachers that had kidnapped him eleven years prior. Before he could enact his revenge, a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus appeared and shot its laseres at him. Kong blocked the attack with a junked vehicle and continued to fight while Lukas and Jonesy rescued the ligers. Unfortunately, the military arrived and caught Kong and the others on video, effectively framing him for Richard's crimes. When charges in the warehouse were detonated, Kong saved the mother liger, Lady, from the blast and brought her home. Unfortunately, her heart gave out, leaving her cub Lucky orphaned. Kong held the child while Lukas vowed to clear their names and make Richard pay.

"Snake in the Grass"[edit | edit source]

After being gifted new defensive arm bands from Jonesy, Kong spent a morning with Danny Quon, who batted pinecones in his direction, but instead of deflecting them with the bracers as intended, Kong ate them to get at the pine nuts inside. However, Kong quickly found a way to deflect them into the air and catch them in his mouth. When Jonesy and Lukas left for a mission to Mexico to rescue Anita's great niece from a Giant Anaconda, he and Danny were not allowed to accompany them due to Kong's fugitive status and need for anonymity. After the rescue helicopter took off, Kong ran with Danny on his shoulders before leaping off a cliff and grabbing onto the vehicle's skids. Danny convinced the pilots to let them come along, and Jonesy made a harness for Kong to allow him to hang from a cable beneath the helicopter as it flew. When they arrived at the Usumacincta river, there were three Biono-bot pterodactyls awaiting them. Kong swung at the robots, shaking the helicopter violently as he did so. Lukas shot one down with a laser net, and Kong then unlatched himself and pinned the second beneath his feet and crushed it when he landed. Botila, flying on the back of the final pterodactyl fired lasers at Kong, who deflected them back, damaging it. Kong, Jonesy, Lukas, and Danny then spent the rest of the afternoon searching the river for the missing girl, and that evening, the anaconda struck again, rising out of the water to attack Kong. However, a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus and pterodactyl arrived to take her for themselves. The tyrannosaur rushed Kong, and he knocked it aside before leaping up to try and crush the pterodactyl underneath him. It dodged him, and slammed into his body before distracting him long enough to allow its theropod compatriot to rush him. Kong grabbed it by its jaws, and was briefly pinned between them, until he forced the pterodactyl off his back, and grabbed the tyrannosaurus' tail and began slamming it repeatedly into the ground until it broke. The pterodactyl then set the jungle on fire with its laser eyes, and then burned the earth around Kong and the others, trapping them in a ring of fire. Kong leapt through the flames, and used his mouth to spray water from the river onto the blaze, but this distraction allowed the poachers to escape with the anaconda. He jumped into the sky to try and grab it, but was too late. Then, due to Kong's weight draining the helicopter's battery life, the group was forced to return home at incredibly reduced speed. They arrived on the former "Kong Island" that night to try and rescue her from Richard, who sent her out to attack after having turned her into a cyborg Biono-bot. Kong tried not to hurt her, but tried to fight back as she constricted him, bit down on his head, and delivered painful electrical shocks. She wrestled him to the ground, and Danny came over with the helicopter's now recharged backup battery, and bade Kong to feed it to his adversary. He shoved the glowing battery into the anaconda's mouth, and she swallowed it, which caused her implants to short circuit, and left her unconscious. Kong then took Panchi and Danny back to their home. There, Amy Quon removed her implants, and even got Panchi's slime-covered phone back, which prompted Kong to laugh and projectile snot all over everything.

"The Primordial World Below"[edit | edit source]

After falling through a volcano and into a subterranean primordial world, Kong fought off a Dilophosaurus to save his friends before giving them all a hug. However, when Lukas noticed Richard falling down into the new world as well, Kong was unwilling to save him when Lukas asked. He did submit and save Richard, but immediately dropped him to the jungle floor.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Physical strength[edit | edit source]

Even as a baby Kong exhibited immense strength. He was able to bend metal bars, and throw a ball hard enough to send a boy flying well before his size began to deviate from that of an average gorilla.

Training[edit | edit source]

Due to the time Kong spent with humans, he has learned a number of verbal commands that can help to make up for his lack of intelligence. One such command "Turn on the water works", a command to make Kong spray water from his mouth, can be a handy tool in putting out fires. He is similarly capable of following visual cues to connect dots he might not have done so himself, such as when Danny ate a cookie to show Kong to feed the Giant Anaconda the helicopter's battery.

Jetpack[edit | edit source]

In the episode "Kong in 3D," Doug Jones gave Kong a jetpack, allowing him to fly.

Arm bands[edit | edit source]

In season one episode two, entitled "Snake in the Grass" Kong is given a pair of wristbands emblazoned with stylized "KK"s, which he can use to deflect laser fire. In addition to projectile deflection, it appears that they have the ability to store and redistribute energy from laser attacks. In season 2, these were implied to have been upgraded at some point to have a communication feature.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

For all his brawn, Kong is somewhat lacking in intelligence, and is acknowledged to have an intelligence roughly on par with that of a human two-to-three-year-old child.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main article: King Kong/Gallery.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As a child, Kong's belching was loud enough to anger residents of neighboring houseboats.
  • In episode two of the series entitled "Snake in the Grass", Lukas claims Kong weighs more than ten elephants, giving him a weight of anywhere between 30 and 65 tons depending on which elephant's weight is multiplied.

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. Episode 2, Snake in the Grass - "Kong weighs more than ten elephants"


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