The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage: Skull Island

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The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage: Skull Island
The Boy Who Cried Godzilla/sandbox/Doc Savage SI
Author(s) Will Murray
Publisher ACE Publishing
Publish date February 26, 2013
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
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Skull Island is the sixth entry in The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage series, and features Savage and King Kong, who both debuted in early March of 1933, together in an official capacity for the first time. It was released to commemorate their 80th anniversaries in February of 2013,


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On returning from an adventure in the Arctic, Doctor Clark Savage saw the gargantuan ape King Kong dead on the pavement below his office in the Empire State Building. Using his considerable power, influence, and money, he was able to move Kong's body from the street to an empty warehouse on the coast. He then had the drunken Carl Denham brought to his office, and got the name of Captain Englehorn and his ship Wanderer, and he arranged with the men and the woman they had brought back from Skull Island, whom Savage had met many years before, to return Kong's remains to his home. Savage opted not to return to Skull Island, and stayed behind to recount the tale of he and the beast's first encounter to his friends.

No sooner had the first world war ended, than did the freshly christened "Doc" Savage receive urgent summons from his father, Clark Savage Senior, to a port in California, where his father had gathered a team of trustworthy Mayan sailors to search for treasure on the fabled Skull Island.




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  • While it is clear that this story is set early in Savage's career, clues given in the first three chapters suggest that it takes place immediately following June 1933's The Polar Treasure by Lester Dent.


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