Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (1968)

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Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare
The Japanese poster for Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare
Directed by Yoshiyuki Kuroda
Producer(s) Yamato Yahiro, Akihiko Murai
Written by Tetsuro Yoshida
Music by Sei Ikeno
Distributor DaieiJP
Rating Unrated
Running time 79 minutes
(1 hour, 19 minutes)
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
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Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (妖怪大戦争,   Yōkai Daisensō, lit. Great Yokai War) is a 1968 tokusatsu film produced by Daiei Kyoto Studio, and the second installment in the Yokai Monsters series. The film was released to Japanese theaters on December 14, 1968.


The ancient Babylonian demon Daimon, revived by treasure hunters, kills and takes the form of a Japanese magistrate. Japan's native yokai band together to defeat him.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Yoshiyuki Kuroda
  • Written by   Tetsuro Yoshida
  • Produced by   Yamato Yahiro, Akihiko Murai
  • Music by   Sei Ikeno
  • Cinematography by   Hiroshi Imai
  • Edited by   Toshio Taniguchi
  • Production design by   Seiichi Ohta, Shigeru Kato
  • Assistant directing by   Toshiaki Kunihara


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yoshihiko Aoyama   as  
  • Akane Kawasaki   as  
  • Osamu Ohkawa   as  
  • Asao Uchida   as  
  • Gen Kimura   as  
  • Takashi Kanda   as  
  • Hanji Wakai   as  
  • Kenji Wakai   as  
  • Hinode Nishikawa   as  
  • Tokio Oki   as  
  • Gen Kuroki   as  
  • Ikuko Mouri   as  
  • Kisao Tobita   as  
  • Hiromi Inoue   as  
  • Natsuko Oka   as  




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Japanese Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare trailer

Video releases

ADV DVD (2003)



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