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Chibi Godzilla®
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Allies Chibi King Ghidorah, Chibi Rodan
Created by Chiharu Sakazaki
First appearance Do Your Best Chibi Godzilla
Do not confuse with LittleGodzilla, who is also referred to as "Chibi Godzilla" in the Japanese dialogue in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.

Chibi Godzilla (ちびゴジラ,   Chibi Gojira) is an incarnation of Godzilla who first appeared in the 2018 children's book Do Your Best Chibi Godzilla. Chibi Godzilla is the star of a series of Godzilla media aimed toward very young children, telling the story of Godzilla as a child before he grew up to become the King of the Monsters. While so far Chibi Godzilla has only appeared in a single book, a wide variety of other media featuring the character is planned.


Chibi Godzilla's name simply comes from placing chibi (ちび), a Japanese word meaning "little," in front of Godzilla's name. Rather than being translated to English as "Little Godzilla," the character's name is consistently written in English as Chibi Godzilla.


Chibi Godzilla is a stylized and simplified version of Godzilla's traditional design. He has a large head with no defined neck, a round body, and round hands with no visible fingers. He has three white claws on each foot. There is a row of short, white maple leaf-shaped dorsal plates running down Chibi Godzilla's back to his tail, which is very stubby and suspended in the air. Chibi Godzilla's skin is light green, but his muzzle is white with two visible nostrils. He has large circular eyes which are white with big black pupils.


Chibi Godzilla is described as a "crybaby," in stark contrast to Godzilla's reputation of being fierce as strong as an adult. He is stated to be friends with Chibi King Ghidorah and Chibi Rodan.


Do Your Best Chibi Godzilla

To be added.


Atomic Breath

Chibi Godzilla can exhale atomic breath, which takes the form of orange fire.


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