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George in Rampage
Species Genetically-edited gorilla
Length 10.67-12.1 meters[1][2]
Weight 9.06 metric tons[2]
Allies Davis Okoye
Enemies Ralph, Lizzie
Played by Jason Liles (motion capture), CGI
First appearance Rampage
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George is a giant albino gorilla monster featured in the 2018 New Line Cinema film Rampage. He is based on the character of the same name from Midway's Rampage video games.


George is an albino gorilla, possessing white fur and light peach-colored skin. Unlike Ralph and Lizzie, who developed many new physical characteristics as part of their mutation, George mostly just grew in size to a length of 12.1 meters. George primarily knuckle-walks like a real gorilla, though after his mutation he sometimes stands upright like a human.


Before his mutation, George was described as gentle and incredibly intelligent, demonstrated by his strong relationship with Davis Okoye, the primatologist who raised him. He has an extensive knowledge of sign language, allowing him to converse with Davis. George is also shown to have a sense of humor, as he often teases Davis and enjoys making crude gestures with his hands. The Energyne pathogen increased George's aggression in addition to his size, causing him to uncharacteristically lash out against humans and destroy structures in his path as he grows in size. After consuming an antidote that halts his growth and unchecked aggression, George returns to his original personality and risks his life to help David stop Ralph and Lizzie.


George was an albino gorilla discovered as an infant by primatologist Davis Okoye after his mother was killed by poachers. Davis realized that George would never survive in the wild and decided to raise him. George took up residence at the San Diego Zoo and grew up under Davis' care. George was exposed to a pathogen emitted from an Energyne probe, which altered his genetic code and caused him to rapidly grow in size until he reached a length of 12.1 meters and a weight of 9.06 metric tons.



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Physical Abilities

Already a very large and strong silverback gorilla before being exposed to the pathogen, the genetically-edited George possesses immense physical strength. He can smash through walls and break steel bars with ease, and as he grows larger his strength only increases. During his rampage in Chicago, George destroys buildings and vehicles, and also demonstrates impressive agility as he scales Willis Tower. While dwarfed by the much larger Lizzie, George is able to outmaneuver her by jumping onto her back. He also has the strength to tear off one of her tusks and stab her with it, though the attack does little damage.


The pathogen that infected George used the genes of the spiny mouse to grant him an extremely rapid healing factor. George completely heals from serious slash wounds sustained in a battle with a grizzly bear and cuts on his hands sustained during his escape from the zoo in a matter of hours. He is also unfazed by military gunfire and artillery. In his battle with Lizzie, George is impaled on a metal spike, but his regeneration allows him to recover from the seemingly-lethal wound after he removes the spike.


George is an extremely intelligent animal, which grants him an advantage over the much more savage Ralph and Lizzie. George coordinates with Davis to battle both monsters, and ultimately kills Lizzie by stabbing her through the eye with a metal spike after his attacks fail to pierce her armored hide.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ジョージ Jōji Transliteration of English name


  • George's design in the Rampage film is very different from his appearance in the video games. In the games, he is depicted as a giant bipedal ape with brown fur, a clear homage to King Kong. The change in his design may have been intentional in order to avoid too much similarity to Kong, as Warner Bros. already acts as a distributor for the MonsterVerse films featuring Kong.
  • In the video game series, George is a human mutated into a giant ape monster by the experiments of Scum Labs, while the film changes his origin to being a gorilla mutated by Energyne's genetic editing experiments.


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