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King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla

King of Monsters:
Resurrection of Godzilla
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Alternate titles Resurrection of Godzilla,
King of Monsters: Reawakening of Godzilla,
King of Monsters: Rebirth of Godzilla
Planned 1977-1978
Concept history U.S.-Japan Collaboration: GodzillaA Space GodzillaKing of Monsters: Resurrection of GodzillaGodzilla: Legend of the Asuka FortressResurrection of Godzilla (1980)Resurection of Godzilla (1983)The Return of Godzilla

King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla (KING OF MONSTERS ゴジラの復活,   Kingu Obu Monsutāzu Gojira no Fukkatsu) is an unmade 1978 Godzilla film.


King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla was one of the earliest known proposals in a series of projects with the title Resurrection of Godzilla that were considered to revive the Godzilla series following the release of Terror of Mechagodzilla. Some sources state that this project was proposed in 1977, while more recent sources have clarified that it began in June of 1978. The screenplay for King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla was written by Ryuzo Nakanishi, writer of the 1977 Toho film The War in Space. Tomoyuki Tanaka reportedly liked the screenplay, and hurriedly pushed it into production, with Jun Fukuda slated to direct. However, the project never materialized, though it would inspire several other proposals featuring the title Resurrection of Godzilla, most notably Tanaka's 1980 proposal and its 1983 revision. Some elements from this screenplay, such as the giant parasitic creature Shockirus, which was a giant tick in this story rather than a giant wharf roach, and Godzilla attacking a nuclear power plant, were carried over into the end result of this series of proposals, The Return of Godzilla.


Terrorists attack and take over the Shizuoka Nuclear Power Plant. However, during the terrorists' occupation, the plant comes under attack by Godzilla.

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