Woman of the Snow

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The Woman of the Snow
The Woman of the Snow in Kwaidan
Alternate names Yukionna, Oyuki, Yuki
Species Humanoid yokai
Forms Woman of the Snow, Oyuki
Relations Minokichi (Husband), Unnamed children
Allies Minokichi
Enemies Mosaku
Played by Keiko Kishi
First appearance Kwaidan

The Woman of the Snow (雪女,   Yukionna, lit. Snow Woman), living under the guise of a human woman named Oyuki (お雪,   Oyuki), is a yokai used by Ninjin Club in the 1965 anthology film, Kwaidan.


The Woman of the Snow is adapted from the Yukionna of Japanese folklore. Her name is a combination of the Japanese words yuki (雪), meaning snow, and onna (女), meaning woman or girl. The Woman's name is never spoken in Kwaidan, though it appears on the title card for the segment of the film in which she appears. The translation "Woman of the Snow" comes from the subtitles for the title card on the Criterion and Eureka releases of the film. The name she uses when in her human disguise, Oyuki (お雪), is a pun on her true identity, using the kanji 雪 (yuki), for snow. Her name is erroneously translated to simply "Yuki" by the Eureka subtitles.


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