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Zarkorr in Zarkorr! the Invader
Subtitle(s) The Invader
Species Extraterrestrial Reptilian Monster
Height 185 feet[1]
Weight 300 tons[1]
Controlled by Alien coalition
Relations Alien coalition (creators)
Enemies Tommy Ward, Humanity
First appearance Zarkorr! the Invader

Zarkorr is a reptilian, alien monster who serves as antagonist of the 1996 Full Moon Entertainment film, Zarkorr! the Invader.


Zarkorr is reptilian in appearance. It has a lithe build, like that of a lizard or other reptile. It has a fairly long neck and tail. The arms and lungs are slender, and standard in length for a bipedal creature. The skin of the monster is scaled, and greenish in color.

Zarkorr has two twin, bull-like horns adorned on its head. The eyes are blue in color, and glow white when firing eye lasers. The snout almost looks like a beak, with the point to it, and is filled with razor sharp teeth.
Spines run from the neck, back, and to the tail.


Zarkorr! the Invader

An unknown race of aliens decided to test humanity after centuries of study. They did so by creating the monster Zarkorr, and sending it down to Earth.

Zarkorr is first seen erupting from Mount Aurora in California, then sets off through the mountainous area. A farm is trampled beneath Zarkorr’s feet, and smashed. In another part, Zarkorr finds a powerplant, and grabs the tower. The electricity from it surprises the monster, but Zarkorr then proceeds to destroy the plant entirely.

Meanwhile, an ordinary post person named Tommy Ward told by a pixie that he is the one chosen to slay the monster Zarkorr. The pixie tells him that the monster is completely invulnerable to human military technology. He finds that he must kill Zarkorr when he is told that it was programmed to hunt him down and kill him. Zarkorr appears on the TV, attacking cities.

Zarkorr’s Hunt takes it through the Arizona-New Mexico border. It destroys a warehouse in an urban area. The monster continues to decimate city areas as is stomps across its path. It fires lasers from its eyes to destroy buildings, and causes explosion as it trampled objects.

However, Tommy Ward finds a pod that was near where Zarkorr first appeared. He is able to open the seemingly inoperable object with a mere touch. He uses it to confront the monster Zarkorr, who fires an eye laser at him. The laser is deflected, and strikes Zarkorr, killing the monster. Zarkorr disappears, and all that’s left of the monster is a luminescent orb shaped object that then flies into space.[2]


Eye Lasers

Zarkorr fires his twin eye lasers

Zarkorr is capable of firing lasers from its eyes. The eyes begin to glow white, then the white beams are emitted.


Zarkorr is revealed to have amazing durability, as it is completely resistant to human military weapons. It was stated that it couldn’t be harmed by any kind of material defects.

Other abilities

It is also revealed that Zarkorr is made of energy and not tied down by the need to eat, sleep or even breathe.


Zarkorr’s lasers are also its weakness. When reflected back at the monster, it instantly died.


  • Zarkorr! the Invader (1996)


Jurassic Park T-Rex roars, reused for Zarkorr


  • Zarkorr's name appears to come from a story in the 1962 Marvel comic book Tales of Suspense #35, "I Accepted The Deadly Challenge Of Zarkorr!" The title character of Full Moon's second giant monster movie, Kraa! The Sea Monster, also shares his name with a Tales of Suspense creature.


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