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Zarkorr! The Invader
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The following is a transcript of the end credits of Zarkorr! The Invader.

(In order of appearance)

  • Franklin Vallette   as   Horrace
  • Don Yanan   as   Dunk
  • Peter Looney   as   Billy
  • Dyer McHenry   as   Al
  • Rees Christian Pugh   as   Tommy Ward
  • Torie Lynch   as   Proctor
  • Stan Chambers   as   Stan
  • Elizabeth Anderson   as   Elizabeth Anderson
  • Robert Criaghead   as   Marty Karlson
  • Dileen Nesson   as   Debby Dalverson
  • DePrise Grossman   as   Stephanie Martin
  • Mary Ostow   as   Reporter
  • Jim Glassman   as   Stage Manager
  • Emmett Grennan   as   Crew Member
  • Mike Terner   as   Guard One
  • Robert J. Ferrelli   as   Guard Two
  • Ron Barnes   as   Larry Bates
  • Mark Hamilton   as   George Ray
  • Charles Schneider   as   Arthur
  • Bob Van Dusen   as   Winston Bergmann
  • Christopher Boyer   as   John Blake
  • William Knight   as   Sheriff Rocker
  • Dave Richards   as   Welles
  • Ben "Killa" Ramsey   as   Quincy
  • Steven Novak   as   State Trooper
  • R. Allan Bexton   as   Doctor

First Assistant Director

Franklin Vallette

Second Assistant Director

Michelle LeDoux

Production Coordinator

Stacy Willmann

Production Secretary

Gina Tucci

Art Director

Jessie Vint IV

Supervising Sound Editor

Patrick M. Griffith, M.P.S.E.

Set Decorator

Erin Chochran

Construction Coordinator

Michael A. Clark

Set Construction / Prop

Justin Tyme

Leadman / Swing

Foster Vick

On Set Dresser / Props

Angela O'Neil

Props Assistant

Angela Whiting

First Assistant Camera

Bruce Ready

Second Assistant Camera

Ken Little

HI-B Camera Operator

Foster Vick

Still Photographer

Abe Perlstein

Casting Assistants

Michael O'Connell
Scott Plimpton

Casting Extras

Charles Matthews Casting


Cut to Catering
Karen Pielin

Key Grip

Eric Martin Smith

Best Boy Grip

Jarrod Hettler


Barry Gross

Best Boy Electric

Larry Sushinski


Jordan Lapsansky
Harold Skinner
Dewey Weber
Mike Jaques

Key Make-Up

Ronda Rae

Make-Up Assistant

Silvia Leczel

Sound Mixer

Brad Bryan

Boom Operator

Bryan Linder

Special Effects Playback

Jaime Oria

Graphics Designer

Jeff Rosenkrams

Costume Designer

Jodi Zimelman

Wardrobe Assistant

Paul Viggiano

Script Supervisor

Jain Sekuler

Location Manager

Robert Lepucki

Production Assistants

Melanie Neat
Joseph Rose

Assistant Editor

Eric Allen

Sound Effects Editors

Jeff King
Paul N.J. Ottosson
Mark Allen
Wayne Scott Joness
Mike Jonascu
John Kohlbrenner
Debby Van Poucke
Usa Hannan
Kirk Hunter
Gabriel Kitinski
Eriq Jaffe
Hunter Moore

ADR / Dialogue Editor

Jeff Marr

Dialogue Editors

Jesse Pomeroy
Bill Caparella
Chris Longo
Ken Poteat
Thomas Richter

Assistant Dialogue Editor

Robert Lee

ADR / Recordist

Maxim Carl

Foley Artist

Cynthia Merrill

Foley Recordist

Michael McCarty

Re-Recording Mixer

Mike Beiriger

Post Production Audio Coordinator

Douglas Salkin

Post Sound by

Of Sound Mind, Inc.

Re-Recording Facility

Fidelity Studios

"Zarkorr!" Written and performed by

J. Fuzzbee Morse

Vocals by

Hilary Pugh

Second Unit

Second Unit Director
Jeanne Lusignan
First Assistant Camera
Terry Schroth
Francisco Velazquez
Michelle Wagner

Miniature Effects Crew

Key Miniature Builder
Jon Fedele
Effects Crew
Jody Fedele
Kurt Wimberger
Jake McKinnon
Clayton Martinez
Yutaka Maseba
Ted Haines
Shawn Mason
Mary Mason
Lex Nakashima
Joe Romersa
Tom Rainone
Michael Gaguo
Dan Nelson
Les Claypool

Special Thanks to

Bob and E=MC2
Bob Berman
Chuck at Paramount
and Buddy Cochran
"Dynamic" Dave Parker

© Copyright 1996 Tanna Productions
all rights reserved

Motion Picture Association of America


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