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Toho Company, Limited Monster
Antares in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Species Nicknames
Mutian None
Height Length
190 centimeters None
Weight Forms
65 kilograms None
Controlled by Relationships
Crown Crown (Creators)
Allies Enemies
Crown Gao Kazama
First Appearance
Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd Episode 5: Operation Battle Killer 
N/A (speaks)

Antares (アンタレス,   Antaresu?) is a Mutian kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 5 of the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd titled Operation Battle Killer.


Heisei Series

Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd

Antares is first seen being deployed to stop a rogue Guyborg who had escaped the Crown facilities.He is successful, and is seen again working with a different Guyborg to take down Guyferd. They battle for a decent time as Antares monologues about how he is a scorpion. He is defeated after falling from a cliff.


Poison Sting

  • Antares can charge and launch a blue ki blast on his pincers.


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