Claire Plangman

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IDW Character
Claire Plangman in Godzilla: Ongoing
Claire Plangman
Species Nationality
Human American
Occupation Relationships
Unknown Boxer (formerly in a relationship)
First Appearance
Godzilla: Ongoing #2

Claire Plangman is a protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2012 comic series Godzilla: Ongoing.


Godzilla: Ongoing

Issue 2

Claire and her colleagues were posted in Yongsan Garrison in Seoul when Battra attacked, leaving her as the only survivor. Boxer recruited her for her expertise in inventing anti-kaiju technology, but she had to wait for two days without food or water in the bunker he and his teammates Irving Jassim and Harrison. Plangman's greatest invention was the Headache Beam, which they planned to use to defeat monsters by luring them into traps. The group then stole a helicopter and few to Edinburgh, Scotland where Boxer demanded seven billion pounds from the minister of defense to take out Anguirus who was destroying the city. Urv then hurled plastic explosives at it and it began to chase them. Boxer then had Plangman use her Headache Beam on the monster, but Anguirus knocked the car over and broke the weapon.

Issue 3

After being nearly killed by Anguirus in Edinburgh, Scotland,the "Skullsplitter" device wass destroyed when Anguirus ran into the group's van. Claire was able to repair it, and Boxer fired the weapon at the monster and kept it in the beam long enough for Urv to set off plastic explosives in the sewers, and forcing Anguirus into a dormant volcano beneath the city. They then become known as the Monster Kill Crew. They then defeated Kumonga and Claire was able to take her revenge on Battra with her new lighter Skuullsplitter guns. Boxer then suggested that they go after Godzilla, which Claire criticized him for, believing that he just wanted more money for killing a bigger monster. They then received word that Titanosaurus was attacking Tokyo, a city much closer to them than Godzilla, and headed toward it only to be attacked by Rodan on the way there.

Issue 4

Boxer fired two Headache beams at Rodan, but a flap of its wings sent the helicopter veering off course until it was lodged into a building. Boxer then decided to influence Rodan and Titanosaurus to fight, which he and Plangman did with headache beams while Urv and Harrison prepared explosives to drop onto them when they were worn out. They dropped the high grade explosives onto the monsters, which brought the building they were under down on top of them. Boxer then learned that Godzilla was attacking San Diego, and Plangman voices strong concerns that Godzilla's biology was too different from monsters they had encountered for the Headache beams to work and accused Boxer of being motivated by greed. Boxer then revealed to the group that money was never his motivation, but it did help to buy more bombs and traps all to the ultimate end of destroying Godzilla once and for all.

Issue 5




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