Giant Salamander

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Unmade Monster
Giant Salamander
Giant Salamander

Species Salamander
Nicknames Large Salamander
Planned for Yamato Takeru

The Giant Salamander (大サンショウウオ,   Daisanshō̄o?, lit. Large Salamander) is an unmade salamander kaiju from the 1994 Toho film, Yamato Takeru.


No concept art for the giant salamander is known to exist.


Yamato Takeru

Originally, when Oto Tachibana was introduced, she was going to fight the aquatic Giant Salamander and defeat it. The Salamander was removed because two aquatic monsters appearing in the same film (Kaishin Muba and Giant Salamander) was felt to be redundant, according to Shinji Nishikawa.[1]


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