Jason Jenkins

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Kong TAS logo.png Character
Jason Jenkins
Jason Jenkins
Species Nationality
Human American
Occupation Relationships
Archaeology Student King Kong ("Brother"),
Lorna Jenkins (Grandmother)
Lua (love interest) 
Played by
Kirby Morrow
First Appearance
Kong: The Animated Series

Jason Jenkins is the main protagonist in the 2000 Animated television program Kong: The Animated Series.


Kong: The Animated Series

The Return: Part 1

As a child, Jason would visit his grandmother and play in the surrounding forests with a clone of King Kong until Ramone De La Porta invaded his grandmother's laboratory and lost his right hand., and years later they traveled to Kong Island together with Eric Tannenbaum IV where Jason was reunited with Kong and they used the Cyberlink computer to fuse together and fight off De La Porta.

The Return: Part 2

After searching the island for De La Porta and come up empty handed, Jason was surprised to find that his grandmother had been kidnapped by the man he sought. He then used his Cyberlink merging capabilities to become one with Kong and defeat De La Porta.

Primal Power

After De La Porta removed the Primal Stones from their temple, the monster that they kept sealed away began to regain power. Jason was able to prevent its reawakening by engaging in a fistfight with his former professor, and saving four of the stonse. Jason then decided quit school for a time in order to successfully track down the remaining stones.

Dark Forces Rising

Jason and his friends fought with Harpy to prevent the return of the god Chiros, whom the original Kong had sealed away years ago. They were only partialy successful, as Chiros did return, but could not leave his temple and his presence did not destroy the island. Jason also learned that the combined rage in both his and Kong's hearts when they merged could be used to transform Kong into "Mega Kong".

The Giant Claw Robberies

Jason, Kong, and their friends traveled to New York in order to investigate the thefts of several stone tablets about the Primal Stones. They attended a gallery opening hosted by De La Porta, but it proved to be a dead end. They then were framed for the next robbery, and Jason had to merge with Kong to break Lua out of jail.


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