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Daiei Kaiju is a toy line produced by Bandai. It started in 1999 and featured figures to tie in with the film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. It also featured a figure of Toto to tie in with the 2006 film Gamera the Brave.


Gamera 3 Figures

Three six-inch figures were made for the film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris: Gamera 1999, Hyper Gyaos, and Iris. The Gamera figure was subsequently re-released as part of Bandai's Movie Monster line in 2001, and was re-released in the Daiei Kaiju line in 2006 along with the Hyper Gyaos.

2006 Figures

In 2006, to tie in with the film Gamera the Brave, Bandai continued the Daiei Kaiju line with a six-inch figure of Toto, as well as re-releases of the Gamera 1965, Gamera 1999 and Hyper Gyaos figures, each featuring new paint jobs.

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12 months ago
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I hope they make a figure line like this one for the new Gamera movie.