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Revoltech is a toy line that has released figures for Godzilla, Gamera and other franchises. All figures are released under the Revoltech Sci-Fi subline.

Toho Figures

Baragon 1965

The Baragon figure comes with a farmhouse, nameplate, and horse.

Mothra 1961

The Mothra figure comes with a nameplate, Tokyo Tower in half, a cocoon, and a stand.

Moguera 1957

The Moguera figure comes with a Mysterian, forest bases, a nameplate, and a Markalite Cannon.

Gigan 1972

The Gigan figure comes with a nameplate and buildings.

Anguirus 1968

The Anguirus figure comes with a mini Moonlight SY-3.

Rodan 1956

The Rodan figure comes with a building that can be destroyed.

Type 66 Maser Cannon

The Type 66 Maser Cannon figure comes with a nameplate, a battling Sanda and Gaira figurine, a computer console, and a laser beam.


The Gotengo figure comes with a stand.

Kadokawa Figures

Gamera 1967

The Gamera figure comes with multiple beam weapons and parts for Gamera's flying mode.

Gamera 1995

The Heisei Gamera figure comes with a fireball and flying rockets.

Gamera 1996

The Gamera 1996 figure comes with a fireball and his chest cannon.

Gyaos 1967

The Gyaos figure comes with a small Gamera figure and a beam affect.

Gyaos 1995

The Gyaos figure comes with a stand for flying.


The Legion figure comes with a flying Gamera and small Legion drones.


The Daimajin figure comes with multiple accessories that include armor and swords.

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Pretty ridiculous that the Godzilla series didn't have a single Godzilla figure. A shame...